Drillster APIs

Drillster APIs are programmatic interfaces to the Drillster Platform. They allow you to integrate the Drillster Platform into your own applications. Your application can use Drillster APIs to perform tasks such as:

  • Setting up Drillster accounts for your end users.
  • Assigning your users to groups, to grant access to specific drills, tests, etc.
  • Retrieving information on your user's progress or results.

Drillster APIs are exposed as HTTP JSON RESTful APIs, and are accessed through the internet.

Authenticating to APIs

All Drillster APIs require OAuth 2.0 authorization to be accessed. Read our OAuth documentation for more information.

API versions

Drillster APIs are continuously evolving. From time to time, a new version is published. Once published, an API version will already remain stable — that means, no breaking changes to this version will be introduced. Only changes that are backward-compatible might be introduced, e.g. additional, optional properties or features.

Every API version that is superseded by a newer version will eventually be discontinued. Drillster will announce any upcoming discontinuation well before time to all users of the API version, to allow for sufficient time to migrate to the latest version.

The API reference documentation describes all APIs in detail. The latest API version is 2.1.1.

Event Notification Service

When using Drillster APIs, your application is the client, and the Drillster Platform is the server. Your client application takes the initiative to use a Drillster API, by performing an API call to it.

The Drillster Platform also offers an Event Notification Service. This service allows your application to get notified of specific events that happen in the Drillster Platform, such as a user meeting a challenge. Compared to the Drillster API, the communication is reversed – the Drillster Platform takes the initiative to send information to your application. Please see the Event Notification Service documentation to learn more.


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