Event notification service

The Drillster event notification service provides a way for external systems to subscribe to certain events that originate in the Drillster system. As and when these events occur, subscribers are notified via an HTTP call.

Supported event notifications

The push API consists of the following notification types:

Notification type Description
GROUP_MEMBER_ADDED Fires as and when a member has been added to a group.
GROUP_MEMBER_REMOVED Fires as and when a member has been removed from a group.
OBJECTIVE_MET deprecated Fires as and when a user has met a learning objective.
OBJECTIVE_NO_LONGER_MET deprecated Fires as and when a user no longer meets a previously met learning objective.
OBJECTIVE_BECAME_OK Fires when a group member becomes compliant with an objective
OBJECTIVE_BECAME_NOK Fires when a group members is no longer compliant with an objective.
TEST_COMPLETED Fires as and when a test is completed.
QUESTION_ANSWERED Fires as and when a drill question is answered by a group member.

Data format and transport

Push notifications are sent as HTTP POST or PUT requests, depending on the preference of the recipient. They contain a JSON object in the request body as payload.

The target URL is composed of a base URL, configured for the recipient, with the event name appended. Example:

POST https://www.example.com/drillster/GROUP_MEMBER_ADDED

Push messages can only be sent via https on port 443, with a valid SSL certificate. Plaintext messages (port 80) are not supported. At this time, no retry mechanism is provided for – this will be added at a later stage. Finally, an authentication mechanism based on basic authentication is available.

Subscribing to events

In order to make use of push notifications, you must have an event receiver set up. Please refer to the documentation for instructions.

If you require assistance in using push notifications, please contact us at support@drillster.com.