API Endpoints

The API 2.1.1 consists of the version 2.0 endpoints and version 2.1 endpoints, except for the endpoints listed below:

Account and user management

Endpoint Function
GET  /api/2.1.1/user/{user_id}/catalogs Retrieve catalogs accessible by user
GET  /api/2.1.1/user/{user}? Retrieve user details
POST  /api/2.1.1/users Create user account
DELETE  /api/2.1.1/user/{user} Delete a user account
GET  /api/2.1.1/access/{user} Request organization login
GET  /api2.1.1/organizations/{organizationId}/accounts Retrieve accounts managed by organization

Drill management

Endpoint Function
GET  /api/2.1.1/drill/{drill_id}/tests Retrieve tests for a drill
GET  /api/2.1.1/rendition/{drillable}/preferences/tts/{language} Retrieve TTS preferences
PUT  /api/2.1.1/rendition/{drillable}/preferences/tts/{language} Submit or update TTS preferences
PATCH  /api/2.1.1/rendition/{drillable}/preferences/tts/{language} Partial update TTS preferences

Practice and test

Endpoint Function
GET  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id} Retrieve test details
POST  /api/2.1.1/tests Define an individual or anonymous test
POST  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id} Duplicate a test
PUT  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id} Update test
PUT  /api/2.1.1/test-result Complete a test
DELETE  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id} Delete a test and all of its results
GET  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id}/accesses Retrieve test accesses
PUT  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id}/accesses/{type}/{id} Update test accesses
DELETE  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id}/accesses/{type}/{id} Delete a test access
PUT  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id}/drill/{drill_id} Update drill version within a test
POST  /api/2.1.1/test/{test_id}/tickets Request a test ticket
GET  /api/2.1.1/test-results Retrieve test results
GET  /api/2.1.1/test-results/{test_id}/{user_id_or_ticket}? Retrieve test results for test
GET  /api/2.1.1/test-result/{rendition_id} Retrieve test results
GET  /api/2.1.1/objective/{objective_id} Retrieve a specific objective including evaluation
PUT  /api/2.1.1/objective/{objective_id} Update objective
GET  /api/2.1.1/objectives/{objective_id}/events Retrieve list of objective evaluation events
GET  /api/2.1.1/objective/{objective_id}/accesses Retrieve the accesses associated with a learning objective

Group management and analysis

Endpoint Function
POST  /api/2.1.1/catalogs Create a new catalog
GET  /api/2.1.1/catalog/{catalog_id} Retrieve catalog details
PUT  /api/2.1.1/catalog/{catalog_id} Update catalog details
GET  /api2.1.1/organization/{organizationId}/catalogs Retrieve all catalogs for an organization
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/{group_id}/test-results/{test_id} Retrieve group test results
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/{group_id}/drillable-results/{drillable_id} Retrieve group drillable results
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/{group_id}/drillable-results/{drillable_id}/member/{user_id} Retrieve group drillable results for group member
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/{group_id}/member-results/{user_id} Retrieve group member results
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/subscriptions Retrieve the user’s group subscriptions
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/subscriptions/{group_id} Retrieve details for a group the calling user is subscribed to
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/staff/{user_id} Retrieve the groups a staff user has permissions for
GET  /api/2.1.1/group/{group}/members Retrieve or search list of members for group
PUT  /api/2.1.1/group/{group_id}/members/{user_reference} Add member
DELETE  /api/2.1.1/group/{group_id}/members/{user_reference} Remove group member

Please see the list of objects for the message content for these endpoints.