DELETE user/…

Deletes a user account.

There are certain restrictions to the removal of user accounts:

  • The caller cannot remove their own account.
  • The account to be removed must not be managing any groups. Remove group management access prior to deleting a user.
  • The caller must have the MANAGE_USERS permission.
  • The caller must be an administrator of the organization that manages the account to be removed.

Keep in mind that various related data is removed, too:

  • Group memberships
  • Practice results

Resource URL{user_id}

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Response code Description
not_found 404 (Not found) Given account was not found
access_denied 401 (Unauthorized) No access to given account
cannot_delete_self 400 (Bad request) Deleting own account is not permitted
account_not_managed_by_caller 401 (Unauthorized) The account is not managed by the organization of the caller
account_is_group_manager 400 (Bad request) The account is managing one or more groups