For any course or training

Increase cognizance or awareness? Drillster can increase the efficiency of any course or training. Here are some examples of areas where Drillster has made a positive contribution:

  • Compliance and certification training

    Knowledge of products, rules, procedures, laws or awareness about integrity, ethics or safety can be developed efficiently. Knowledge is not built up in one shot, but maintained continually. This increases an organization's compliance levels.

  • Language training

    Good language proficiency can only be attained with regular practice. Drillster makes sure your language proficiency will continually increase instead of slowly dropping. Increase your vocabulary and know how to correctly apply grammar rules. Drillster helps improve your language skills the smart way.

  • Permanent education

    Drillster will send out a notification to users as and when their proficiency level drops. This ensures proficiency levels are kept up with minimal effort. New or changing circumstances? Drillster will focus on new items while ensuring that existing proficiency is kept up to par.

  • Product training

    A good understanding of products and services makes for more efficient staff and satisfied customers. Both new and existing staff will benefit from the personalized and efficient way to train and maintain specific product knowledge.

  • Sector specific training

    Drillster provides specific solutions for various verticals, such as financial institutions, health care, call centers, language institutes, retail, airlines and schools or universities. Our staff are happy to elaborate!

  • Testing

    Drillster offers diagnostic tests, adaptive tests and tests to prepare for exams. A test is a good reflection of current knowledge levels. Any knowledge gaps can be quickly found and closed with Drillster.

Curious what a specific drill for your training or course could look like?

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