Meet our team

Making smart learning possible

  • Marco van Sterkenburg

    Marco van Sterkenburg


    Team captain and co-founder. Have you already met him?

  • Thomas Goossens

    Thomas Goossens


    Invented and created our innovative way of learning. Technical lead.

  • Tom van den Berge

    Tom van den Berge

    Lead Software Engineer

    Created the intelligence behind our smart learning technology.

  • Arnoud Schmitz

    Arnoud Schmitz

    Business Developer

    Overflowing with good ideas. You should really meet him.

  • Christian Schulpen

    Christian Schulpen

    UX Designer

    User interaction and design. What do you think of our new design?

  • Michael de Wit

    Michael de Wit

    JavaScript Developer

    Developing the new generation of our service.

  • Anca Grigoraş

    Anca Grigoraş

    Software Engineer

    Creates innovative solutions for our web-based applications.

  • Patrick de Wit

    Patrick de Wit

    JavaScript Developer

    Developing the new generation of our service.

  • Simone Plukkel

    Simone Plukkel

    Instructional designer

    With an eye for details, Simone supports customers in every phase of the drill process.

  • Ischa Bernhard

    Ischa Bernhard

    Instructional designer

    Are you facing a learning & development challenge? Meet your objectives with drills made by Ischa.

  • Martijn Nahumury

    Martijn Nahumury

    Instructional designer

    From the start till the end, Martijn creates your drills in an efficient and creative way!

  • Barbara van der Wiel

    Barbara van der Wiel


    Ensures that your content can be used on our smart learning platform.

  • Saskia Klomps

    Saskia Klomps

    Instructional designer

    Creativity and expertise. Saskia develops the appropriate training for you.

  • Myra van der Linden

    Myra van der Linden

    Instructional designer

    Want to make your training adaptive? Myra creates the right drills for you.