Smart learning functions

Several clever learning features ensure that you will achieve better study results with Drillster, in less time.

These features can be used by businesses, educational institutes or schools.

Feature Description
Various question types
  • Open ended questions
  • Multiple choice (decoys created by author or automatically generated by Drillster)
  • Multiple multiple choice
  • Set questions Premium Pro
  • Sequence questions Premium Pro
  • Cases
  • Hot spot questions Premium Pro
  • Interactive questions:
    • Feedback: show feedback after an incorrect or correct answer has been given
    • Context: show additional information during the presentation of the question
  • Questions with text, images, sounds and video Premium Pro
  • Support for all international character sets (including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)
  • Text-to-speech: automatically convert text to speech in nine languages (male and female voice)
Learning objectives
  • One-off learning objective Premium Pro
  • Permanent learning objective (permanent education) Premium Pro
  • Group objectives Premium Pro
  • Individual objectives Premium Pro
Develop and assign tests
  • Assign a test to a group Premium Pro
  • Self-assessment
  • Diagnostic tests Premium Pro
  • End level tests Premium Pro
  • Anonymous tests Premium Pro
  • Knowledge & experience tests Premium Pro
  • Awareness, attitude and behavioral tests Premium Pro
  • Email test results to participants Premium Pro
Notifications Notifications can be sent for the following events:
  • If the learning curve shows that a participant‘s knowledge has dropped below a pre-set minimum Premium Pro
  • Periodically: daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Premium Pro
  • Notifications can be given a personalized look & feel, and may contain both text and images, including a link to a drill or test Premium Pro
  • Seamless login from an emailed link is possible
  • Link to an external website or to the main Drillster site. Premium Pro
Management reporting
  • 24/7 real time insight Premium Pro
  • Progress reports for individual participants Premium Pro
  • Group results Premium Pro
  • Learning objective status Premium Pro
  • Test results (general, by section, by question) Premium Pro
  • Download reports Premium Pro
  • Progress of individual staff member in comparison to group
  • Total time spent to achieve learning objective Premium Pro
Learning analytics
  • 10 most difficult elements of a drill or test
  • 10 easiest elements of a drill or test
  • Difficult and easy entries per group Premium Pro
  • Average learning curve
  • Average values per group and per participant Premium Pro
Personal page
  • Landing page with your own look & feel Premium Pro
  • Secured pages
  • Include drills and tests in external websites Premium Pro
  • Rapid course deployment: your course online in a matter of days Premium Pro
Social media
  • Log in or create an account through Facebook, Google or Microsoft
  • “Like” drills on Facebook
  • Recommend drills on Google+
  • Post practice results to your Facebook timeline
  • Shortened URL for each drill or test for use in social media
  • Leave feedback
  • Contact a drill’s author directly
Integrations with electronic learning environments and other corporate systems
  • Include drills and tests on other websites (widgets)
  • Single sign-on
  • Feedback of results (API)
  • User management: automatically create, change or remove user accounts (API)
  • Group management: automatically assign staff members to groups or remove them from groups (API)
  • Automate the generation of drills and tests through our API
  • Large number of existing connections with LMS systems
  • Large number of existing LMS integrations
Existing integrations
  • Crossknowledge
  • Courseware
  • NetDimensions
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OnderwijsOnline
  • SkillSoft
  • Moodle
  • SURFnet
  • Jutten Simulation
  • Van Dijk Educatie
  • HEMA Academie
  • Totara
  • EducatieNET
  • Magister
  • LearningStone
  • SOMtoday
Mobile apps
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Native tablet versions
  • Available at no cost in the App Store and Google Play
Drill Store
  • Sell your training material through the Drill Store Premium Pro
  • Add a trial version of your paid drills to the Drill Store
  • Find and use ready-to-use training material in the Drill Store