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A Basic Drillster account is free of charge, and always will be.

Would you like to use additional learning and testing functionalities? The Premium Account allows you to track the progress of a group of participants or students and set learning goals.

Please see our page with clever learning functionality for more information about the Premium Account. Do you represent a company, institute or school? Check our page about the benefits of a Pro account.

  • Basic
  • Free
    will always be free of charge
    • Individual proficiency reporting
    • Create and buy drills
    • Limited storage (500 lines)
  • Free account
  • Premium
  • Starts at €5.95/month
    or €59.50/year
    • Progress reporting for groups
    • Learning objectives
    • Unlimited storage
  • Upgrade to Premium
  • Pro
  • For 250+ users
    Pricing tailored to your needs
    • Notification service
    • Unlimited group size
    • Extensive reporting and learning analytics

Subscription details

Basic Premium Pro
Price Free €5.95/month or €59.50/year For 250+ users
User account      
Advertising-free environment yes yes
Maximum number of free drills in repertoire1 500 entries unlimited unlimited
Drill Store      
Buy individual drills or courses in Drill Store yes yes yes
Publish free content to the Drill Store2 yes yes yes
Sell drills or courses in Drill Store3 yes yes
Mobile Apps      
Use iPhone/iPad app yes yes yes
Use Android app (smart phone and tablets) yes yes yes
Content creation      
Manually create drills yes yes yes
Upload drills from file yes yes yes
Include images in drills yes yes yes
Include sound fragments in drills yes yes yes
Combine drills into courses yes yes yes
Add feedback to answers yes yes yes
Add context to questions yes yes yes
Convert text to speech (9 languages, female/male voice) yes yes
Using drills      
Practice individual drills yes yes yes
Practice courses yes yes yes
Create cheat sheets yes yes yes
Forward drills to others yes yes yes
Create and do tests yes yes
Redact and lock drills yes yes
Group functionality      
Create groups4 yes yes
Set learning objectives yes yes
Redact and lock drills yes yes
Set up automated e-mail reminders yes yes
Track group member progress yes yes
Aggregated group reporting yes yes
Learning analytics yes yes
Unlimited group size yes
Take individual tests yes yes
Create adaptive tests yes yes
Define group tests yes yes
Set test objective for group yes yes
Set up anonymous tests yes
Learning objectives      
Set one-off learning objective yes yes
Set permanent learning objective yes yes
Receive notifications and reminders for objectives yes yes
Individual proficiency reporting yes yes yes
Group proficiency reporting yes yes
Reporting on individual learning objectives yes yes
Reporting on group learning objectives yes yes
Learning analytics yes yes
User administration      
Create staff users yes
API usage yes yes yes
Embed practice widget in other sites yes yes yes
Embed test widget in other sites yes yes
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  1. Content purchased from the Drill Store does not count towards the storage limit.
  2. Content made available in the Drill Store for free is published under a Creative Commons license.
  3. Premium account holders can sell their own content in the Drill Store. The creator of the content must be able to legally claim the copyright for the work. The seller can set the sale price, with a minimum of €0.50. Drillster withholds 25% + €0.50 from the total sale price as a commission, and the remainder is paid out to the account holder. Transaction fees are included in the commission.
  4. A standard premium account allows a maximum of 10 distinct users across all groups. If you require more group participants, please contact us about options to expand your account.