New Moodle plug-in

OpenEdu has developed a new Drillster plug-in for the Moodle learning platform. Drill scores are now displayed in Moodle. Within Moodle, trainers can search their Drillster repertoire as well as the drill store. Drills can easily be added as learning items to a Moodle course. 
OpenEdu makes online learning accessible to companies and educational institutions. It has created a learning management system based on Moodle, enriched with an e-portfolio, virtual classrooms and a Google Apps integration. OpenEdu has enhanced the Moodle plug-in with various features. Besides the embedding of adaptive drills and tests in Moodle and the single sign-on functionality, users can now review their Drillster score in Moodle.
For searching drills and tests in the drill store or the Drillster repertoire, trainers no longer need to leave the Moodle platform. A search function within Moodle enables Drillster users to search for their drills in their reperoire or the drill store and to insert drills as a learning object in a Moodle course. Detailed search results are shown with a thumbnail view. 
The Moodle plug-in can be downloaded free of charge by organizations. More information can be found on the Drillster information page for Moodle.  
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 3/25/2015
  • 8:52:14 AM CET
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How much will you memorize tomorrow of what you learn today?

Past results do not guarantee future performance. When evaluating someone's qualifications for a job, we usually look at past results. That is not entirelylogical given that the objective of the assessment is to evaluate someone's qualifications for future job performance. 
Drillster uses predictive analytics to calculate how and when knowledge declines if not maintained. Individual users can monitor in real time when and how knowledge on specific themes declines over time.
What is the right time to schedule a refresher training? Will an employee have sufficient knowledge to performance specific tasks in three montsh time? Drillster shows trainers and managers the optimal time to repeat and reinforce a training program for individuals or groups. 
Our unique insight into future proficiency results in higher ROI on training, lower costs and increased user engagement. 

  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 3/24/2015
  • 9:26:33 AM CET
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Discover our updated Android app

The Drillster Android app has been updated. The app now supports set and sequence questions and presents context information and feedback to the learner. Video content is supported and Drillster shows you a notification when a learning objective has been met. 

"Put the Four Seasons of Vivaldi's violin concert in the right order." or "Select all ingredients that natural gas consists of'. ­Just some examples of set and sequence questions that are now supported in our Android app. 

The use of video material will enhance the learning effect while increasing learner engagement. The use of video in drills is now supported in the Android app. Read the question, watch the video, then select the correct answer(s). 

Presenting context and feedback information to learners will further enhance the ROI on learning. Relevant and specific information will reinforce the impact of your training program. 

Update or download our Android app to discover more smart mobile learning features. 


  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 3/12/2015
  • 9:06:47 AM CET
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Google partners with Drillster for the launch of the .HOW top level domain.

Google launches the .HOW top level domain, a place for thinkers, tinkerers and knowledge seekers. .HOW websites will  typically provide information on how things work or how things can be done. Drillster was selected by Google to take part in the launch of the new .HOW domain. Learning.HOW, developed by Drillster, is the site where you can learn how to learn more efficiently. It perfectly illustrates the aim of the new .how domains. 
People use the Internet to learn how things work, how things can be done or how to turn a hobby into a business. They find their answers in great content, created by great experts. Google now launched the .HOW domain where experts from all over the world can share their passion. Drillster is among the 12 companies from all over the world that were invited to support Google in this launch. 
Learning.HOW shares useful information and experiences on how we can learn more effectively in the 21st century. All day long we are exposed to an overdose of information. We keep up several e-mail and instant messages at the same time while watching television or studying. We think we can multitask, but instead our brain slows down as it has difficulties changing from one stream of information to another. 
So we have to learn how to learn again. Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO and co-founder of Drillster explains: “At Drillster we are passionate about learning and Learning.HOW is the ideal place to share this passion with both learners and learning experts. Our users have great experience in efficient learning and a .HOW site is the ideal place to share our stories with the world.” 
How can you anchor and maintain knowledge? How can you engage participants in a training program? How can you measure and increase the ROI on your training program? Visit Learning.HOW to learn more about efficient learning. 
Interested in having a .HOW site yourself? Visit, register your .how site and share your passion with the world. Do you have a story on learning that you would like to share? Contact us at and we will share it via Learning.HOW

  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 2/4/2015
  • 7:10:46 PM CET
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  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 1/7/2015
  • 2:48:51 PM CET
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Time limit on questions

Assessing knowledge and skills under time pressure can be part of a job assessment procedure or an exam. Examples are mathematical and language tests or management style assessments. Drillster now supports to set a time limit on individual questions for both drills and tests. 

The author of a drill or test can determine per question how many time the user will get to respond to the question. When a question is presented, a timeline is shown. The user will also know how much time is left to answer the question. If a question is not answered within the time set, the answer will be counted as incorrect and the next question will automatically be presented. \

This new functionality adds value to companies that select staff that needs to be able to perform specific tasks under time pressure. Examples are employees in (international) customer contact centers, team managers, etc. The new functionality to set a time limit on questions in drills and tests is available in the Drillster premium account and the Drillster license. 

  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 12/9/2014
  • 9:27:40 AM CET
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Drillster SCORM convertor

Drillster has developed a SCORM convertor which makes the use of Drillster within learning portals even easier. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is a protocol that facilitates the exange of learning objects. In the Drillster back office, customers can create a SCORM package of any adaptive exercise or test and present these drills in their digital learning environment.

Drillster can be integrated in any learning portal in a user friendly way. Students or employees that are already logged into the learning system, will automatically be logged into their Drillster account. Scores and proficiencies will be exchanged between Drillster and the learning management system. The use of SCORM is a fast and efficient way to add drills and tests as a learning object to any digital learning environment. 

For further integrations we advise to use the Drillster widget and the Drillster API. This way all the advanced learning features of Drillster can be used to the full extent. Native integrations have already been set up with a large variety of learning systems.

Please contact us if you would to realize an enhanced integration of Drillster in your own learning system or Intranet. 


  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 11/24/2014
  • 2:54:34 PM CET
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BOOM publishes DISK learning material in the Drill Store

DISK is the new learning method Dutch for non-Dutch speakers in international classes in the Netherlands. Publishing company Boom has publishes DISK exercises in the Drill Store, enabling their customers to expand knowledge of the Dutch language in a smart and engaging way. 
Various exercises have been published via Drillster. The vocabulary exercises are presented in 20 interesting themes and 3 difficulty levels (A1, A2 and B1). Besides the explanation of the Dutch words, students learn to use the target words in the right context. Teachers and students can download the DISK lessons free of charge in the Drill Store. 
Drillster is an adaptive online memorization tool that continuously measures what students master and what they do not yet master. The tool automatically focusses on the elements of the learning material that are not yet fully mastered. This leads to easier learning and better retention. 
Teachers that would like to monitor the progress of their students, can upgrade their free account to a Premium Account. The Premium Account enables teachers to monitor progress, set learning objectives for the students and to define tests. The Premium Account also enables teachers to convert text into speech (various languages). For the DISK exercises, words and phrases can be converted into speech, thus enhancing the learning experience for the students. 
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 11/17/2014
  • 10:20:33 AM CET
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Drillster App in the Edmodo Store

­More than 44 million teachers, students and their parents use Edmodo to create, share and use learning material. The Drillster app is now also available in the Edmodo Store

Teachers can purchase a Drillster premium account and immediately create user accounts for all students in their groups. The teacher can download ready-to-use exercises in the Drill Store and assign them to their students. The progress of the students can be monitored, learning objectives can be set and (adaptive) tests can be defined. 

Teachers and students can also create their own adaptive learning exercises with Drillster. These so called drills can be shared with the students or with other teachers and can also be published or sold in the Drill Store.  
Edmodo users could already create a free Drillster account using their Edmodo account. This remains unchanged. The Drillster app in the Edmodo Store enables teachers to use Drillster in the classroom and to distribute drills in their group of students. 
Please contact Drillster for more information on the Drillster adaptive learning and testing tool.


  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 11/13/2014
  • 4:32:27 PM CET
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Assessment based learning: hype or efficient learning tool?

Assessment based learning has been discussed on many conferences this year. Can we consider this a hype or the next best thing for learning and development? The results that corporates and training institutes realized with assessment based training programs can give the right answer to this question. A little overview. 
Question based learning is the development of knowledge, awareness and attitude by asking questions. Answering questions forces the student to actively think about the learning material. The level of active processing of the learning material depends on the question type and the pedagogic quality of the question. Open ended questions require a more active participation than multiple choice questions. An experienced pedagogue will make a difference here. 
Neuro scientific research showed that the learning effect is strengthened if a student answers questions after having watched a video or e-learning module, read an article or listened to a trainer. If the learning material that has been watched, read or listened to is not actively worked, people forget up to 80% of what they saw, read or heard within 1 week. 
Actively assessing helps to anchor knowledge. Assessment based learning looks like a traditional test. However, tests give a random indication of proficiency at the moment that the test was made. It can measure knowledge gaps but does not develop the gaps that are identified. Assessment based learning measures and develops at the same time. The purpose is to learn, not to test. 
Modern technology enables us to give immediate and personalized feedback on correct and incorrect answers This reinforces the learning effect. The student is not only learning facts, but also understands why certain information is correct or incorrect.  
Question based learning also responds to several tendencies in today’s society. The current generation has a limited span of control. Passively watching, reading or listening becomes more difficult. Actively working on learning material by answering questions, appeal to more people. Adding elements of the gaming industry (gamification) will engage, challenge and motivate learners. They will experience learning as a game. Assessment based learning has all ingredients to gamify your training program. 
So is assessment based learning a hype or just a useful learning methodology? Both corporate organizations, training institutes and schools have built up experience with this type of learning. The success of assessment based training depends on the way in which the training is positioned and the quality of the questions, answers and feedback. And that is of course valid for any training program. 
Would you like to know what experience our customers have with assessment based learning? Contact us and we are happy to connect you. 
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 11/6/2014
  • 8:59:32 AM CET
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Innovative ways of training have impact on knowledge of staff in the health sector

The health sector is changing. Knowledge and skills of employees in the health sector have been regulated by law. Medical treatments have to be given according to strict protocols and the authorities check whether qualified staff is compliant with the prescribed procedures regulations. Knowledge and skills become key performance indicators. How can care centers ensure that knowledge is anchored while motivating their staff and satisfying the authorities? 

The permanent education of medical staff is becoming more important while budgets are under pressure and staff have less time to spend on activities other than the actual medical care. The sector needs innovative ways of training. Adaptive learning is a potential solution.

The quality of the Dutch medical care is regulated by law Professionals need to be registered in the BIG-register and the procedures that they are qualified for can only be applied when respecting strict protocols. These are called the prescribed procedures.

Competence of medical professionals is the key word in the regulations on prescribed procedures. Professionals should have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to perform their job. Knowledge is developed in the initial or follow-up training. But how can health institutes ensure that their staff always have the right knowledge on the prescribed procedures, even when they do not frequently perform specific procedures? We all know that knowledge declines if it is not maintained.

Healthcare is changing. There is a clear tendency that care is provided decentralized, at the house of the patient. As a result, the supervision on the correct performance of the medical protocols, becomes more difficult. Time is also a limiting factor. As a consequence of cost cuttings, staff have only limited time to spend with their patients. Scheduling staff free from their regular jobs and scheduling them in a face-to-face training has immediately impact on the quality of the actual care that can be given to the patients.

Challenges for both the healthcare sector and the training industry. Drillster provides an innovative learning solution that provides a solid answers to the challenges of both the healthcare and the training sector. Since its start in 2011 Drillster offers an adaptive learning tool that enables personalized learning. The service is based on scientific research on how people memorize and forget information.  

Drillster measures knowledge at all times. Effective, time and place independent learning saves time and money. Gamification increases the personnel engagement. 
Adaptive learning touches the key tendances in the health sector. Curious about the specific advantages that personalized training can bring your organization? We are happy to discuss it with you. 

  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 10/20/2014
  • 1:58:44 PM CEST
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Drillster available in Van Dijk's readerapp

Van Dijk Educatie  connected its intuitive readerapp to Drillster. Adaptive learning exercises can now form an integral part of the digital text books. 
Each chapter or paragraph can contain a link to a 'drill', an adaptive learning exercise or test. The link brings the student to the exercise. When the exercise has been finished, the student can immediately continu in the text book. 

Drillster supports personallized learning and adapts the order and frequency of the learning elements to the real learning needs of the individual student. Research in 2013 showed that this leads to 10% higher test results in 40% less study time. Drillster can be used via the web and via the readerapp. 
Van Dijk's readerapp helps publishers to digitalize their learning material. Text books, note books and sources on the internet can easily be combined. Students can mark parts of the text, make summaries and take notes that enhance the learning process. The integration with Drillster provides publishers of digital schoolbooks an important pedagogical tool. 
Would you like to receive more information on the readerapp? Please contact Van Dijk Educatie via or call +316 2000 72 50.
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 9/26/2014
  • 2:13:21 PM CEST
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Learning Latin the easy way with SPQR and Drillster

SPQR is the new learning method that has been developed by educational publisher Staal & Roeland for the Dutch market. Schools can use the text and work books and can also select the  Internet and tablet version. Staal & Roeland selected Drillster for practising the latin lessons and for the diagnostic tests. 

SPQR is a new method for Latin Language and Culture and is compliant with the new LTC exam program in the Netherlands. The relation between the language and the culture (text in context) has a central place in the LTC exam program. Schools can use text books or the fully digital tablet version. Publisher Staal & Roeland meets the increasing demand for digital educational material. 
In the digital SPQR version, both teachers and students can use the text and work books on their tablet. They can take notes and share their notes with other students. Adaptive learning exercises and diagnostic tests can be made with Drillster. Each chapter offers a series of drills (personalized exercises) for grammar and vocabulary. Drillster supports personalized learning and focusses automatically on the elements of the chapter that are not yet fully mastered by the student. 
Drillster enables to efficiently built up knowledge. It also enables the students to maintain their knowledge of the Latin language and culture. Drillster calculates when and how knowledge declines if it is not maintained. Both teachers and pupils have a real-time overview of the progress that has been made. Students are always well prepared for their tests and exams. 
Drilster has been integrated in the SPQR method: students and teachers are automatically logged into their Drillster account. Besides the use within the SPQP tablet version, users can chose to study via the Drilster mobile App. Regardless of the way in which drills are accessed and practised, Drillster always remembers for each individual user where to resume the drill or test. 
Teachers have the possibility to contract a premium account. This allows them to monitor the progress of their students. They can see what their students have completed, how much time they spent on the various exercises and what the actual proficiency is. The premium account also enables teachers to set learning objectives and define tests for their groups. 
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 9/23/2014
  • 4:24:33 PM CEST
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  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 9/11/2014
  • 4:20:36 PM CEST
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Gamification: gaming or learning?

Irrespective of age, education, and background, game playing is a universal phenomenon, and on-line gaming has given it a fresh boost. In light of this popularity, companies are showing serious interest in the question of gaming, especially in the training sphere. Gamification is becoming a full-fledged component of training initiatives.
Gamification consists of using elements and techniques borrowed from games in areas where they were not originally present. Applied to the corporate world, the game itself is not the main objective but represents a way of getting people to adopt and use the applications it is linked to. Using the mechanisms of play, gamification can help us to motivate staff and fully engage them in their training programs.
Drillster uses various game elements in its application, for example the real-time proficiency gauge, the leaderboards, and learning objectives (levels) and progress loops. Various customer cases show that the gaming mechanisms that are embedded in Drillster lead to increased learning engagement.
Drillster has contributed its expertise and experience in a gamification guide that our partner CrossKnowledge will issue next week. The guide about 10 Steps to Successfully Gamining your Learning Program’  will explain what crucial steps can be taken to successfully gamify a training program. 
On the 18th of September, Marco van Sterkenburg, CEO of Drillster, will present a webinar on gamification. Participants can attend a French session (14:00 – 15:00 CET) or English session (16:00 – 17:00 CET). 
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 9/8/2014
  • 9:58:25 PM CEST
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LearnDutch focusses on contemporary language training

LearnDutch, based in South-Africa, uses innovative learning tools to make language training more effective and more fun. LearnDutch uses Drillster to enable their students to prepare the classroom training whenever and wherever they want. The knowledge that is acquired online can be further applied during the face to face training with the teacher. This method results in more progress when learning the Dutch language. 
LearnDutch provides Dutch language and culture lessons to individual clients. Both South-African business men, children and also sportsmen get Dutch classes in which they  learn to speak, read and write the language as well as useful cultural elements on the Netherlands. 
The Dutch language is known for its illogical structure. 'The best way to learn these illogical elements is to 'automate' them, so to learn them by heart. Drillster is the perfect online and mobile learning tool for that. Drillster adapts the order and frequency of the learning elements to the needs of the individual learner. This makes the language learning easier and retention better." explains mister Charl Hirschmann, general manager of LearnDutch in Cape Town. 
Many hours of practice are needed to master a foreign language. This often conflicts with the limited time that students have to study besides their busy jobs. Hirschmann continues: "Drillster enables students to learn whenever and wherever they weant, using their laptop, smartphone or tablet. They can use the spare moments to increase their proficiency."
The use of tablets is growing quickly in South-Africa. Drillster can be used on any device. The adaptive tool also provides useful information to the teachers. Management reporting shows if students have difficulties with specific elements of the learning material. The teacher can focus more on these difficult elements during classroom training. This also results in better study results in shorter time frames. Knowledge of the Dutch language is anchored and maintained in a personalized way. 
The Drillster online and mobile learning tool is used for vocabulary, grammar as well as writing and hearing exercises. It is useful for conjugating irregular verbs but also for learning about the Dutch culture. What stands the Dutch Sinterklaas for? Where can you find the city of Groningen? Students are well prepared for their stay in The Netherlands. 
More information about LearnDutch.
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 6/25/2014
  • 10:42:24 PM CEST
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Drillster now available in Portuguese

The Drillster widget is now also available in Portuguese. All instructions in the drills and tests are in Turkish. Drillster customers can now offer complete Portuguese training programs using Drillster. 


  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 6/21/2014
  • 2:30:49 PM CEST
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Drillster now available in Turkish

The Drillster widget is now also available in Turkish. All instructions in the drills and tests are in Turkish. Drillster customers can now offer complete Turkish training programs using Drillster. 

  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 6/21/2014
  • 2:26:16 PM CEST
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Memorise everything you want with BrainStudio International

BrainStudio International is a Dutch company that teaches people all over the world to better use their brain. We are living in a world where we are continously exposed to an overfow of information which we are expected to process in short time. BrainStudio teaches their students to better cope with this by using thebrain more efficiently. 
The human brain needs to be trained to stay in form. Multitasking has learnt our brain to be active without focus. As a consequence, we react on many impulses without focussing on the important things. BrainStudio's Brain Vitality Program teaches us to use brain friendly techniques that make us use both parts of our brain. The result can already be experienced in the course of the program. 
BrainStudio found an important added value in Drillster's adaptive learning methodology. Memorisation is one of the three pillars of what BrainStudio calls the Golden Triangle of Learning, so Drillster is the logical partner to help students to anchor and retain the knowledge that they have developed in the BrainStudio courses.  
At the end of the Business Brain Training course, students receive an invitation to participate in the Follow-up Program with Drillster. During 8 consecutive weeks participants receive an e-mail which leads them to an adaptive learning exercise which helps them to retain and extend their knowledge on the Business Brain Training program. Both e-mails and landing pages are offered in the look & feel of BrainStudio and is offered in 7 languages. 
Are you interested to learn more about the Brain Vitality Programs? BrainStudio invites you to attend the Biology of the Mind seminar that BrainStudio organises on the 20th of August in Zeist, the Netherlands. Would you like to memorise everything you want? Rick de Jong, a professional memorisation athlete, will tell about the art of memorisation. Professor dr Ron Magnum and professor dr Tamara Swaab, worldwide renowned neuroscience researchers, will also contribute. Dr Ton Marée of the University of Eindhoven will share his expertise on skelton mapping. 
Click here for more information on Biology of the Mind seminar and to register. 


  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 6/5/2014
  • 11:58:23 AM CEST
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Login using Edmodo

Edmodo users can now easily create a Drillster account with their Edmodo account. A simple click will be sufficient to log onto their Drillster account via the Edmodo account. 
Edmodo is the social network that connects over 34 million students and teachers. The platform started in the United States and is meanwhile being used worldwide. The service is available in 12 different languages. 
Edmodo account holders can easily open a Drillster account via their Edmodo account. The Edmodo credentials are being used to set up the Drillster account. When users get back to their existing Drillster account, they can use their Edmodo account to authenticate. This makes it even easier to access Drillster and to start using the adaptive learning exercises and tests. Drillster has similar functionality for Facebook, Microsoft and Google account holders. 
Drillster will soon launch a Drillster app that can be used within Edmodo. Teachers can activate an account for all students in a class. The teacher can assign drills, set learning objectives and monitor the progress of his students. 
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 6/2/2014
  • 9:19:26 AM CEST
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Drillster workshop at Moodlemoot 2014

The 2014 edition of the Dutch Moodlemoot will be held on Thursday the 12th of June. Moodlemoot is the yearly conference for Moodle users, organized by Ned-Moove, the Dutch Moodle association. 

Hot topics like gamification and social learning are being discussed during this year's event. The program is filled with interesting and relevant topics for Moodle users. Drillster will organise a workshop on how adaptive learning exercises and tests can be made and presented as a Moodle activity to students. 

Drillster developed a plugin that enables Moodle users to include adaptive drills and tests as an activity within a Moodle course. Users will automatically be logged onto these adaptive exercises and the exercise will be fully displayed within Moodle. 

  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 5/29/2014
  • 1:40:50 PM CEST
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Drillster presents at EduLearn14

Drillster will present at the EduLearn14 Conference in Barcelona. EduTech is the platform to discuss the most recent developments and innovations in learning methodologies and new technologies applied in education and research. 
The EduLearn14 Conference will be held from 7 to 9 July in Barcelona. 
Drillster will demonstrate how the ROI on memorisation can be increased by learning the Drillster way. Results from both customer case studies and the 2013 scientific research will be used to demonstrate that our innovative learning and testing platform indeed leads to easier learning and better retention. 
  • Marco van Sterkenburg
  • 5/29/2014
  • 11:58:06 AM CEST
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Will social learning engage your employees?

On the second day of the ASTD Conference I have followed some sessions on social learning and learner engagement. In a world where continuoisly higher knowledge and competence requirements are set for employees, the learner engagement issue has become a popular topic. 

Social learning and gamification are the most used formats to increase emoloyee engagement in learning. Andi Campbell, HR Director of Laz Parking presented a case study on the social learning platform that this company launched last year. The company culture of this company appears to have been the determining factor for success of this Facebook-alike social learning project. Being proud to work for Laz Parking and pride to be part of this social learning program immediately boosted the use of the platform after the launch. No facilitators or management involvement was needed to engage users. 

Quite an exceptional case study as most companies are struggling with social learning. How social can learning be when you have to go through certification programs to remain compliant?  How much fun can a training be when you have to go the same boring course or training year after year? Social learning still has to overcome many challenges, but nice to see case studies that show that it can work. 

With our customers we see cases where social or informal learning is being initiated with the assistance of formal learning. Drillster also plays a role in that. Drillster measures the elements that employees have difficulties with and this can be the input for further informal discussion. On the other side, informal discussions on specific work related topics can be converted into a 'drill' and this can ensure that the learning material is anchored or retained. After all, social and formal learning can help eachother in maximizing ROI for training. 

The session from LinkedIn was interesting. Soon training and certification institutes can issue digital certificates that students or employees can post on their LinkedIn profile. As a certification certificate can expire, certificates can be withdrawn when they expire. That's the model of Drillster. If you have proven to be fully proficient on certain learning material and you do not maintain the knowledge, the proficiency will decline which can mean that you're no longer compliant with set standards. This equals the LinkedIn approach. A discussion came up on badging and the possibility to issue badges for specific skills or knowledge achievements. No insight was given, but it's definitly a topic that LinkedIn is working on. 

At the end of the day, ASTD announced the new name and logo. ASTD will now be called ATD, the Association for Talent Development. A new name and logo shoudl reinforce the changing nature of the ASTD and the training world.

Now ready for some more networking at tonight's party at the Air and Space museum where the largest collection of airplanes and space ships in the world. Tomorrow more on the third and last day of the ASTD Conference. 




  • Drillster
  • 5/6/2014
  • 7:34:51 PM CEST
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ASTD Conference 2014 started

The ASTD Conference has started. Over 9.000 people were in at 8 am sharp and were waiting for the keynote session of Arianne Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post. Although it is clearly an American event, the international delegations are growing each year. Besides the large delegation from the Netherlands and Belgium, there is also a growing number of visitors from Asian countries. South-Korea, China are developing quickly when it comes to learning and development and this also shows in their representation on these international events. 

Arianne Huffington had a very entertaining story to tell with a clear message: 'if you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others." We perform better if we sleep well and take your moments of rest during the day. Something we have been knowing for centuries and which has now been confirmed by science. 

The Dutch delegation then had a special presentation by Clark Quinn. What I took away from this session is the part on the intelligent learning engine. How nice would the world be if there would be an intelligent learning engine that would have information on current knowledge and competences, on learning objectives, learning goals, learning alternatives, etc. ?

I discussed the same topic when I spoke to an American company on the Tin Can API later that morning. Tin can is a protocol that can facilitate the exchange of (learning) data between any system. The implementation and use fo the Tin Can API starts to kick off in the US. Mainly public organizations have started to use the API to make the exchange of essential learning data easier. Although the Tin can API is being brought up in discussions in Europe, I have not yet seen large organizations implementing and using the API. Shall the positive experiences that US organizations are having with this data exchange facilitator, make it easier for European organizations to also implement Tin can? Let's see how this evolves. 

Patti Phillips of the ROI institute then presented the ROI on learning. This was the second time that I saw Patti presenting. In April I attended a session that was hosted by Gooiconsult and ROINavigator, the European partners of the US ROI INstitute. Today's session explained the principles of the ROI model, in April a reference case was presented. ABN AMRO explained how they used the ROI model to calculate the ROI on their training programs.

Figures can facilitate decision making. But the human part remains most important: how do we interpret figures? What do these figures tell us? What can we do with these figures to improve our business? 

ASTD appeared to be an intensive day that was ended with a special meeting for the international delegations. Food for thought. What shall day 2 bring us? 

  • Drillster
  • 5/5/2014
  • 11:28:33 PM CEST
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Ready for the ASTD Conference

Earlier this year Drillster became a member of the American Society for Training and Development and next week I will visit the ASTD Conference for the very first time. The preparations are almost done. The program is overwhelming, but a very handy app guided me through the various sessions and I have now made my planning for the various days. 

Over 9,000 people will attend this year's conference. That's quite a lot of people. There will be over 300 different sessions from world-renowned speakers. What session to attend? The App that the ASTD has developed appeared to be a useful guide in selecting the right sessions. What had my attention during the selection process?

The sessions are grouped in a number of interest areas. Learning Measurement & Analytics of course has my attention. After all, measuring and developing based on what has been measured, is at the heart of the service that we developed with Drillster. But there is more to that.

How to engage users? In a time where the number of compliance trainings increase in many business sectors, businesses are faced with the challenge to motivate learners. How can users be engaged while still complying with all the training and certification requirements (some would call them the 'obligatory' trainings). I look forward to hear how other companies are dealing with these challenges. 

I also selected various sessions on Learning Technologies. Are there still new learning technologies being launched? Is this only driven by new technology or also by new scientific research? 

My planning is done, choises have to be made. Some years ago, the ASTD launched the competencies model for training & development progression (see below). This model shows the various axes that are involved in learning and development. Priority setting applies there as much as it applies for the attendance of the ASTD Conference. Many questions, I do not expect them all to be answered. But I hope to get new ideas, new insights and above all lots of inspiration during the conference. After all, it's all about learning. 

Keep a close eye on the news items on the Drillster web site as I will be posting regular updates from the ASTD Conference the coming days. 


  • Drillster
  • 5/1/2014
  • 9:35:33 PM CEST
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Language Partners selects Drillster for adaptive tests

Language Partners offers language training in 52 languages to businesses and governmental organizations. Language Partners need to be able to measure the exact level at which the student masters a specific language, in order to be able to offer a student a language course at the most appropriate entrance level. Language Partners selected the adaptive testing technology of Drillster to measure the language skills of a student in accordance with the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The European Framework of References for Languages sets an objective standard for language skills. Five levels ensure that an objective indication can be given on the level at which someone masters a specific language. This information is important to Language Partners as it ensures that students start a language training at the right entry level. The information that is gained during the entrance test ensures that the right training program is compiled. The right language training ensures that maximum progress can be gained in a short period of time.

Drillster offers an online and mobile learning tool that leads to easier learning and better retention. Regular repetition of learning material anchors the knowledge on any study topic. This applies to many elements of a language like vocabulary, listening skills and grammar. The smart and adaptive learning mechanism of Drillster ensures that people learn more in less time and memorize the learnt material much longer.

Before students start a language training with Language Partner, they make an entrance test. Language Partners uses the Drillster platform to take these tests. The test is adaptive and selects sets of questions based on the answers given by the student. So during the test, Drillster can present questions from a higher or lower reference level with the aim to determine the actual level at which the student currently masters the language.

The result of the test determines the entrance level at which the student will start a language course. The information of the test results also provide important information to the teachers who can focus on the weak elements of the specific student. This optimizes the return on investment on the specific language course.

For more information on Language Partners:, telephone 0900 – 1234565.

  • Drillster
  • 4/29/2014
  • 10:40:19 AM CEST
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Easy international knowledge management implementation

International operating companies are often faced with a serious challenge when it comes to using educational technology that can be applied on an international scale. E-Learning services are either limited in language support, show poor performance overseas or are restricted in local support. Drillster enables international corporations to easily use the tool in various countries.

Interactive exercises and adaptive tests can easily be embedded in existing learning platforms and third party sites using the Drillster widget. This widget offers all functionality that a user needs to develop and retain knowledge and awareness.

The content in the widget supports all languages and language characters, including languages like Chinese, Arab, Japanese, Cyrillic or Hebrew. The instructions in the widget are currently available in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch). More languages can easily be added upon request.

The use of Drillster as a  stand-alone learning platform and the use of the iOS and Android Apps make international roll-out quick and easy. No integration is needed for this cloud learning service. Drillster also supports customized learning pages whereby pages are localized to the look and feel and the language of local offices.

Is your company operating in various countries and are you requiring an interactive learning or testing tool? Contact us for more information.

implementation of international knowledge management

  • Drillster
  • 2/25/2014
  • 8:25:50 PM CET
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Access to the Drillster iOS App with your PIN code

Many users created their Drillster account using their Google, Facebook or Microsoft account or via the learning platform at work or school. These users do not automatically know the password of their Drillster account. We now offer these users the possibility to easily access their Drillster account on their iPhone or iPad, using a unique PIN code. 

Users that have accessed their Drillster account through their Facebook, Google or Microsoft account, or through the learning platform of their at work or school, can connect their Drillster account to the Drillster iOS App. Drillster will generate a unique PIN code that you can use as a password to access your personal account on the iPhone or iPad. Easy, quick and secure. 


  • Drillster
  • 2/21/2014
  • 1:39:51 PM CET
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Teamprestaties verhogen met App en Web

Teamtools Online, eindelijk een oefeningenboek dat niet bang is voor het internet. Email, social media en smartphones zijn niet meer weg te denken uit het dagelijks leven van mensen die samenwerken. Waarom gebruiken we deze tools dan zo spaarzaam als het om samenleren gaat? Veel trainers hebben nog behoorlijk wat schroom om bij opleiding en teamcoaching het internet op te gaan.

Jammer, want de mogelijkheden met App en Web zijn eindeloos. Met Teamtools Online haalt u teamontwikkeling uit het vergaderlokaal náár de dagelijkse realiteit. In dit boek vindt u maar liefst 50 inspirerende oefeningen waarbij u online tools kunt inzetten. Ook aan Drillster wordt in het boek aandacht besteed. Er zijn laagdrempelige werkvormen die u misschien al kent, maar nu met de uitnodiging om deze te verrijken met een tool op het web.

Kom na­ar de introductie workshop

Maak kennis met Teamtools Online op 18 februari of 13 maart. In een middag leert u verschillende tools kennen die je kunt inzetten teams, leergroepen en projecten. U zult ontdekken hoe eenvoudig het is om samenwerking en teamontwikkeling online te ondersteunen. Met deze workshop behoort uw huiver voor teamtools tot het verleden.

De workshop duurt één middag. Voorafgaand aan de bijeenkomst ontmoeten we elkaar al: online! En na afloop zult u naar huis gaan met een concreet plan om App en Web in te zetten in uw team of in uw teambegeleiding. Uiteraard ontvangt u het boek Teamtools Online gratis. Meer weten? Kijk op

Teamtools online

  • Drillster
  • 1/23/2014
  • 9:42:09 AM CET
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Drillster ook beschikbaar via CrossKnowledge

Recentelijk heeft CrossKnowledge, Europees leider op het gebied van distant learning, een koppeling gerealiseerd met Drillster. Dit betekent dat de adaptieve oefeningen en toetsen van Drillster eenvoudig te gebruiken zijn als een integraal onderdeel van het CrossKnowledge e-learning platform.
De koppeling ondersteunt single sign-on en drills en toetsen kunnen door cursisten geheel binnen de CrossKnowledge leeromgeving gemaakt worden. 
Bedrijven die het leerplatform van CrossKnowledge gebruiken, kunnen zo snel en eenvoudig adaptief leren en toetsen toevoegen en zo het leerrendement van hun medewerkers of cursisten verhogen. De kennis die opgedaan kan worden met de hoogwaardige management en leiderschapstrainingen van CrossKnowledge kan verder geborgd worden met diagnostische toetsen en adaptieve lessen. 
Medewerkers of cursisten krijgen regelmatig een gepersonaliseerde set vragen voorgeschoteld waarbij met name vragen terugkomen die een cursist nog niet goed beheerst. Zo wordt meer geleerd in minder tijd, wordt kennis beter geborgd en langer onthouden. 
Drillster - CrossKnowledge LMS Integratie
  • Drillster
  • 12/2/2013
  • 2:23:03 PM CET
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Drillster launched its new API at the 2013 API World Conference

Drillster launched its new programming interface during the 2013 API World Conference in San Francisco, California. The Drillster application programming interface (API) enables companies to easily and quickly add adaptive learning exercises and tests to existing online and mobile applications. Drillster’s proven learning and testing technology enables users to learn more in less time. The API brings the innovative learning technology closer to existing applications.

Drillster launched the 2.0 version of its API during the API World Conference which was held on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2013 in San Francisco. API World brings over 1.000 people together to shape an API economy. API technology enable companies to build online and mobile applications that make use of third party technology for specific parts of the application.

The Drillster API enables businesses to add smart learning and testing exercises to for example HR, personnel information, product or Knowledge apps for staff or for example to language training apps or any other app where knowledge needs to be developed or tested. The API can also be used to add knowledge games to existing online and mobile apps.

Interactive learning exercises, called ‘drills’ in the Drillster world, can be embed in any online application, using the Drillster widget. With the 2.0 API Drillster takes the integration to the next level. Recent scientific researched showed that learning with Drillster results in 10% higher test results in 40% less study time. The API offers great flexibility to add the innovative technology of Drillster to existing apps.

The Drillster API can be downloaded via Mapshape, the API platform and marketplace or via the Drillster web site. For more information about the typical applicability of the Drillster API you can contact the Drillster offices in The Netherlands at, telephone +31 30 755 53 30.

  • Drillster
  • 10/7/2013
  • 5:57:16 PM CEST
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Yellowtail introduces the Drillster e-learning tool in South Africa

The succesful cooperation of the Yellowtail group and Drillster in the Netherlands is being brought to South Africa today. The companies successfully help the Dutch financial industry in maintaining the expertise of the financial advisors. Recently Robert Harreman, partner at Yellowtail Consulting and Marco Sterkenburg, CEO at Drillster, signed a contract to enter the SA market. The joint forces of both companies will open up the benefits of the online, interactive learn- and test experience of Drillster for the South African market.

Yellowtail has quite a history in the South African market and will distribute Drillster from the Johannesburg branch. The Drillster learning method will not only become available for the financial sector, but also for a wide range of companies where instant knowledge and professionalism is the key asset of the workforce. “Local expertise and a local approach will guarantee that the training tool does fit the needs of the South African organisations” says Robbert Harreman.

There is a vast potential for Drillster according to Marco Sterkenburg; “it offers a unique learning experience that secures maintenance of knowledge and lasting, sustainable knowledge. This step brings the benefits of Drillster to the South African market. The core of Drillster is an innovative algorithm that improves the speed of learning up to 40% and lengthens the period that someone can recollect as well. Drillster keeps the students knowledge at the right levels by messaging them just before it impends to be forgotten. Next to that it allows organisations to train or retrain people at different physical locations easily. Drillster doesn’t face the disadvantages of face-to-face education, given the vast distances of South Africa and the corresponding travel time and costs. The web based, multi device set up enables learning where you are.

Robert Harreman adds to that: “In South Africa there are more people who own a mobile phone than a laptop or PC. Drillster enables every smartphone, tablet or laptop to operate as a personal learning environment. This makes digital learning available to a large number of people, especially for those who only posses a mobile phone. Our expectation is that these factors do support a successful deployment of Drillster in South Africa”.

  • Drillster
  • 7/1/2013
  • 5:02:40 PM CEST
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Prestigious Comenius EduMedia Siegel for Drillster

Drillster received the prestigious Comenius EduMedia Siegel for its adaptieve learning and testing platform. The annual award ceremony took place in Berlin on Thursday the 20th of June and Thomas Goossens, founder of Drillster, was in Berlin to receive this prestigious award.

Comenius Siegel 2013 Each year the Gesellschaft für Pedagogik und Information evaluates the most innovative educational applications. The applications are evaluated on a large number of quality criteria and only the best applications are awarded the Comenius Siegel. Both technical, didactical and multimedia aspects are taken into consideration. This year Drillster was awarded a Comenius EduMedia Siegel for the adaptive online learning and testing platform.

Thomas Goossens, co-founder and CTO of Drillster, is pleased with the Comenius Siegel. “It confirms that Drillster has developed a high quality technical and educational product that is considered by both the users and the industry experts as innovative and valuable”, confirmed Thomas during the award ceremony in Berlin.

  • Drillster
  • 6/20/2013
  • 8:08:41 PM CEST
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Stad & Esch borgt kennis met Drillster

Enkele jaren geleden heeft Stad & Esch in Meppel een nieuwe visie en missie vastgesteld en vertaald in het Onderwijsmanifest. In het manifest verwoordt de school een aantal kernbegrippen die, naast het behalen van het diploma, belangrijk worden gevonden om leerlingen voor te bereiden op een goede toekomst in de 21ste eeuw. In dat kader past ook onderwijs met moderne leermiddelen. In 2012 is Stad & Esch het adaptieve leerprogramma Drillster gaan gebruiken om de kennis van leerlingen op een efficiënte en motiverende manier te borgen.

Drillster is een adaptief online programma waarmee leerlingen op efficiënte manier hun lessen kunnen leren en kennis over het geleerde kunnen onderhouden. Het programma onthoudt wat een leerling al eens goed of fout beantwoord heeft en wanneer voor het laatst met bepaalde lesstof gewerkt is. Elementen die nog niet goed beheerst worden of die al heel lang niet gezien zijn, worden daarbij vaker herhaald dan onderdelen van de lesstof die al wel goed beheerst worden.

Drillster past zich dus aan de werkelijke leerbehoefte van iedere leerling aan. De slimme manier van herhalen zorgt er voor dat de leerling met name de elementen herhaalt die hij of zij nog goed kent. Daarbij kunnen leerlingen via elke laptop, pc, mobiele telefoon of tablet toegang krijgen tot de lesstof en dus oefenen waar ze willen en wanneer ze willen. De docenten kunnen leerdoelen stellen en goed overzicht houden over de voortgang.

Peter de Visser, directeur-bestuurder van Stad & Esch, licht toe: “in onze ambitie ons onderwijs persoonlijk te maken biedt Drillster onze leerlingen en docenten mogelijkheden die tot voor kort voor onmogelijk werden gehouden. Daarnaast helpt het ons doelmatig om gaan met tijd en middelen en in onze zoektocht ICT-toepassingen in te zetten bij meer opbrengstgericht werken.”

De leerlingen hebben met Drillster een handig hulpmiddel om hun lessen en hun toetsen voor te bereiden. Drillster geeft een accurate weergave van de werkelijke beheersing van de lesstof en dit geeft zelfvertrouwen. Leerlingen kunnen zich optimaal voorbereiden op hun lessen en toetsen en dit leidt tot betere cijfers.

Marco van Sterkenburg, medeoprichter van Drillster bevestigt dat de manier van leren van Drillster goed aansluit bij de doelstellingen die Stad & Esch in haar onderwijsmanifest heeft neergelegd. Stad & Esch legt verantwoording bij de leerling neer om samen met de docent te bepalen wat en hoe er geleerd wordt. Het zelflerende karakter van Drillster leent zich hier goed voor. Leerlingen kunnen leren wat ze willen, wanneer ze willen en houden samen met hun docent overzicht over de voortgang.

Drillster meet de onderdelen van de lesstof waar een leerling of groep leerlingen veel fouten maken. De docent kan in zijn lessen met name ingaan op deze elementen. Ook deze persoonlijke aanpak past goed bij de visie op het onderwijs zoals de medewerkers van Stad & Esch dit hebben vastgelegd in hun Onderwijsmanifest. 

Hieronder volgen de quotes van een aantal leerlingen van Stad & Esch. 

Quotes leerlingen


“Ik haalde altijd slechte cijfers op Duits, hoe hard ik ook leerde of hoe lang van te voren ik ook begon er kwam altijd weer een 4 uit rollen. Dus vond ik Duits niet leuk, omdat ik dacht ja daar haal ik toch geen goed cijfer voor. Toen kwam mijn leraar met Drillster! Ik vond de manier hoe het antwoord gevraagd werd al heel fijn want eerst moet je aanklikken wat het antwoord is een soort multiple choice, ik wisselde met 50% met methode door in te stellen dat ik ook ging typen. Dan krijg je aan de linker kant de zin en moet je het intypen in een rechterkolom. Bij sommige zinnen dacht ik nou dit weet ik niet.. Maar toch ging ik gokken en meestal had ik het dan goed doordat ik het toch blijkbaar herkende uit de andere methode. Dat vond ik al een fijn gevoel geven. Toen had ik 100% en kwam het SO er ook al aan. Toen het SO nagekeken was had ik een 8,3! Dat is toch beter dan een 4!”


"Ik had gelijk al zo’n gevoel dat Drillster wel eens een fijn programma kon zijn. Het was wel wennen omdat het allemaal nieuw was en ik was bekend met het programma WRTS. Toch kon ik er al snel aan wennen. Ik het heb het nu voor 2 SO’s gebruikt en heb 2 tienen gehaald. Het is heel erg fijn omdat het programma je net zo lang door laat oefenen totdat je het echt kent. Ik vind het prettig om mee te werken. Ik zou het zeker aan anderen aanbevelen.”

  • Drillster
  • 6/5/2013
  • 5:05:20 PM CEST
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NWLRN zet Drillster in voor effectief, leuk en rendabel leren

Echt goed worden in je vak. Daar draait het om bij de opleidingen die NWLRN aanbiedt en waarbij zij een wezenlijk andere aanpak hanteren om een veel groter leerrendement te garanderen. Daarbij maakt NWLRN voor het ontwikkelen van basis- en actuele kennis gebruik van het adaptieve leerplatform van Drillster. 

NWLRN introduceert met haar aanpak een nieuwe kijk op leren. Daarbij wordt uitgegaan van een drietal pijlers: basis- en actuele kennis ontwikkelen, effectief gedrag aanleren en het ontwikkelen van een professionele beroepshouding. Voor het ontwikkelen en onderhouden van de kennis die iemand nodig heeft om echt goed te worden in zijn vak, wordt gebruik gemaakt van de slimme leerfuncties van Drillster. Belangrijke redenen om voor Drillster te kiezen waren de gepersonaliseerde manier van leren die Drillster ondersteunt en het hogere leerrendement dat gerealiseerd wordt met de adaptieve manier van ontwikkelen. 
NWLRN biedt onder andere de Basisopleiding Casemanager Verzuim. De opleiding is tot stand gekomen in samenwerking met een tiental arbodiensten. Ook binnen deze opleidingen is basiskennis een belangrijk element en diverse interactieve oefeningen zorgen ervoor dat deze kennis op een efficiënte en voor de cursist motiverende manier wordt ingetraind. Tijdens het leren meet Drillster continu wat cursisten goed en fout beantwoorden en waar dus hun kennishiaten zitten. Met deze informatie kan de docent tijdens de trainingsdagen beter inspelen op de werkelijke leerbehoefte van een groep cursisten of van een individuele cursist. 
Bob Zeegers  van NWLRN licht de samenwerking met Drillster toe:  “Binnen de filosofie van blended learning, zowel online als in een klassikale omgeving, past een tool als Drillster perfect. Onze cursisten kunnen zich op hun eigen niveau en tempo ontwikkelen en tegelijkertijd zijn we in staat alle cursisten individueel te volgen en begeleiden. 
NWLRN kiest ervoor om kennis zoveel als mogelijk online aan te bieden. Hierdoor kunnen we tijdens de lessen gelijk de verdieping, de samenhang en de praktijk induiken. En dat werkt! Deelnemers nemen echt hun verantwoordelijkheid en komen goed voorbereid naar de lessen. Maar ze ontwikkelen hun professionele vaardigheden en kennis ook beduidend sneller dan in een traditionele leeromgeving.”
  • Drillster
  • 5/14/2013
  • 2:27:57 PM CEST
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KPN zet Drillster in voor ontwikkelen met aantoonbaar resultaat

In het traject Management Essentials van de KPN Academy worden alle leidinggevenden bij KPN opgeleid in een mix van e-learning, training en coaching op de werkplek. Daarbij wordt voor het ontwikkelen van kennis Drillster ingezet en voor het ontwikkelen van de competenties wordt gewerkt met Drillster partners Gooiconsult en VDS. Het leertraject wordt voortdurend afgestemd op de individuele ontwikkelbehoefte van de KPN medewerkers en uit meetingen blijkt dat de mix van e-learning, training en coaching meetbaar betere resultaten levert. 

Het Management Essentials programma start met een intake waarin met de trainer wordt gekeken naar wat de medewerker moet leren en wat de meest efficiënte weg is van A naar B. het e-learning deel van het ontwikkeltraject bestaat uit kennis die via 'skill drills' worden aangeboden. 'Skill drills' zijn adaptieve oefeningen die via Drillster worden aangeboden. Daarnaast zijn er webcam oefeningen die via Traintool aangeboden worden.

Via een business impact scan meet KPN de performance van de managers aan het begin en het einde van het leertraject. Naast een toename van de kennis en competentie blijkt ook de leertevredenheid van de deelnemers hoog te zijn. Tijdens het e-Learning Event 2013 heeft Arco Quist van de KPN Academy een reference case gepresenteerd over het KPN Management Essentials programma. Klik hier voor meer informatie over de resultaten van dit interessante opleidingstraject. 


  • Drillster
  • 5/13/2013
  • 3:39:50 PM CEST
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Avans Hogeschool scoort met Drillster

­Binnen Avans Hogeschool heeft de inzet van Drillster geleid tot hogere tentamencijfers. Tevens zorgde de voorbereiding met Drillster voor meer zelfvertrouwen bij de studenten. De beheersing die Drillster toont over de lesstof, bleek een nauwkeurige weergave te zijn van de werkelijke kennis van de studenten. Drillster meet continu wat de werkelijke kennis van een student over een bepaald onderwerp is en richt zich bij het studeren met name op het verbeteren van de zwakke punten of hiaten in de kennis. Met als gevolg dus meer zelfvertrouwen en hogere tentamencijfers. 

Drillster werd onder andere ingezet binnen de Academie voor ICT & Bu­siness. Sebastiaan Mooij: “Studenten geven aan dat ze met meer vertrouwen hun tentamen ingaan. Ze vinden het prettig om een instrument te hebben waarmee ze hun leerproces kunnen sturen. Dit geeft hen houvast. En studenten stellen gemakkelijker vragen tijdens de les over definities. De tool is eenvoudig en intuïtief in gebruik. Als docent kan je beter inspringen op (blijkbaar) moeilijke onderwerpen tijdens de les. "

Meer informatie hierover is terug te lezen in een artikel over "Virtualiseren in Avans".

  • Drillster
  • 4/20/2013
  • 10:15:55 AM CEST
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Drillster biedt Dukers & Baelemans innovatieve oplossing voor permanente educatie

Drillster en Dukers & Baelemans bundelen hun krachten in een innovatieve oplossing voor het slim en efficiënt ontwikkelen en bijhouden van kennis. Drillster zal door Dukers & Baelemans  ingezet worden als één van de oplossingen binnen het door hen nieuw ontwikkelde Real-time PE concept in het kader van de Wet Financieel Toezicht (WfT). Hierdoor kunnen financiële instellingen bewerkstelligen dat hun medewerkers het hele jaar door over de juiste vereiste kennis beschikken en zo dus compliant zijn met de WfT vereisten. Door het adaptieve karakter van de online leertool van Drillster besteden medewerkers minder tijd aan het opdoen en bijhouden van hun WfT kennis en ervaren zij leren weer als leuk. 

Naast het afleggen van een periodieke toets wordt binnen de Wet Financieel Toezicht van werkgevers gevraagd om aan te tonen dat medewerkers continu bijgeschoold worden zodat bestaande kennis onderhouden wordt en nieuwe kennis kan worden opgedaan. Maar hoe meet je iemands kennis als algemeen bekend is dat tot 80% van de lesstof weer vergeten wordt, als deze niet actief onderhouden wordt? Drillster heeft slimme e-learning service ontwikkeld die dit vergeten tegen gaat. Samen met de content van Dukers & Baelemans biedt dit een innovatieve oplossing voor de WfT opleidingen.
Drillster is gebaseerd op wetenschappelijk onderzoek en bepaalt per medewerker de optimale volgorde en frequentie van de te leren onderdelen. Zo wordt meer geleerd in minder tijd en langer onthouden. Boven kan Drillster per individuele medewerker berekenen wanneer bepaalde kennis weer vergeten dreigt te worden (leercurve). De medewerker ontvangt dan een e-mail waarmee hij eenvoudig zijn kennis weer kan bijspijkeren. Doordat Drillster continu meet wat iemand werkelijk weet, vormt de rapportage van Drillster een belangrijk element van de compliance-rapportage waarover financiële instellingen te allen tijde moeten beschikken.
Binnen de WfT trainingen die Dukers & Baelemans aan financiële instellingen biedt, kan Drillster als module worden opgenomen. De oefeningen (drills) zijn door Dukers & Baelemans ontwikkeld en sluiten daarmee aan op het bestaande WfT lesmateriaal. Drillster kan binnen de bestaande elektronische leeromgeving gebruikt worden en heeft daarnaast een app zodat medewerkers ook via de smart phone of de tablet kunnen leren.
  • Drillster
  • 10/19/2012
  • 11:59:54 AM CEST
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Yellowtail helpt banken en verzekeraars bij compliant adviseren met e-learning tool Drillster

Yellowtail helpt banken en verzekeraars bij compliant adviseren met e-learning tool Drillster

Drillster, een innovatief online leer- en toetsplatform, en consultancybedrijf Yellowtail breiden hun samenwerking uit om financiële dienstverleners te ondersteunen bij managen van het kennisniveau van hun financieel adviseurs. Dit is noodzakelijk door nieuwe en strengere eisen van toezichthouders en snel wijzigende marktomstandigheden en de gevolgen die dit heeft op de werkzaamheden van het intermediair. De eerste grote verzekeraar heeft inmiddels besloten om gebruik te maken van deze propositie.

Robert Harreman, directeur van Yellowtail: “Veel klanten hebben te maken met het invoeren van nieuwe wetgeving zoals Solvency, Basel, de WFT (Wet op financieel toezicht) en nieuwe eisen rondom betaald advies, provisieverbod en de kennis en ervaringstoets voor klanten die zelfstandig een (complex) financieel product willen afsluiten. Traditioneel wordt vakbekwaamheid bij banken en verzekeraars onderhouden door regelmatige testmomenten en certificering. Dit biedt inzicht in de kennis op het moment van testen maar de kennis tussen de testmomenten blijft onzeker. De traditionele manier van kennis onderhouden is hierdoor niet langer afdoende en ook nog eens onnodig duur. Daarom zetten we Drillster in. Dat past binnen onze missie om banken en verzekeraars te ondersteunen met het succesvol doorvoeren van optimalisaties en innovaties in bedrijfsvoering en IT.”

Drillster is geschikt om het kennisniveau van grote groepen medewerkers en/of klanten permanent op het vereiste minimumniveau te houden. Drillster werkt met een adaptief (zelflerend) algoritme en is gebaseerd op het wetenschappelijke Leitner-systeem. Het onthoudt wat de individuele gebruiker al heeft onthouden, wat hij/zij goed of fout heeft beantwoord en wanneer voor het laatst met de stof gewerkt is. Het resultaat is dat medewerkers méér leren in minder tijd en dat het geleerde langer onthouden wordt. Recente analyses van klanten gaven zelfs aan dat medewerkers die met Drillster hun examen voorbereidden, gemiddeld 15% hogere resultaten behaalden.

Drillster kan een e-mail of SMS sturen als de kennis van een medewerker beneden het minimaal vereiste kennisniveau wegzakt. Ook wanneer de leerstof wordt gewijzigd of uitgebreid stelt Drillster de financieel adviseur hiervan automatisch op de hoogte zodat hij zijn kennis waar nodig bijspijkert. De opzet van Drillster maakt het leren en toetsten voor de medewerker leuk en het platform is eenvoudig toegankelijk via tablet, mobiel of laptop.

Marco van Sterkenburg, directeur van Drillster: “De combinatie van de business-kennis en implementatiekracht van Yellowtail, en het Drillster leer- en toetsplatform werkt goed. We merken in de praktijk dat financieel adviseurs het leuk vinden om met de Drillster trainingen en toetsen aan de slag te gaan, in plaats van dat zij er tegenop zien. Daar zijn we trots op!”

  • Thomas Goossens
  • 8/15/2012
  • 1:02:43 PM CEST
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Drillster at MoodleMoot

Drillster at MoodleMoot

Drillster gave a presentation at the MoodleMoot 2012, the yearly meeting of Dutch Moodle users. Moodle is an open source electronic learning environment. It is being used by more than 60 million users from over 65.000 schools and companies in 216 countries. Drillster has developed a plug-in for Moodle users and this integration was presented to the Moodle community during the 2012 MoodleMoot.

Both companies and schools that use Moodle to manage their learning processes came together in Amsterdam for the Dutch MoodleMoot. Over 100 users could exchange experience and ideas in the various presentations and workshops. The plug-in that Drillster has developed enable these users to include adaptive knowledge development to the learning possibilities that are supported within Moodle.

Features that are supported by the plug-in include the presentation of a drill at any given place within Moodle and the automatic log-in of users onto their Drillster account if they have already been authenticated by Moodle. Drillster is planning to launch additional features for this plug-in later this year. For more information, please contact

  • 8/5/2012
  • 2:00:00 AM CEST
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Drillster in the Dutch SME Innovation Top 100

Drillster in the Dutch SME Innovation Top 100

Drillster was the 2nd company from the Utrecht region in the Dutch SME Innovation Top 100, the list of most innovative Dutch small and medium sized companies. On a national level Drillster reached the 56th place on the list that contained companies from all sectors of industry.

The jury reviewed the nominated companies on their originality, impact, level of patent protection and the revenue potential of the concept. The Innovation Top 100 was presented during the Floriade event in Venlo, the Netherlands. Dutch minister Maxime Verhagen handed out the innovation award to the winner. All 100 companies on the list have successfully implemented innovations for their product, service, process or organisation. By realising these innovations, the companies have been able to increase their revenues, to secure the continuation of their business and to improve existing products.

  • 8/1/2012
  • 2:00:00 AM CEST
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Drillster at the e-Learning Event 2012

Drillster at the e-Learning Event 2012

Drillster was aanwezig op het e-Learning Event 2012 dat op 3 en 4 april in Den Bosch gehouden werd. Daar heeft Drillster de serious game functie getoond. Drillster meet continu wat de werkelijke kennis van iemand is over bepaalde lesstof. Dit kan natuurlijk ook worden toegepast in een serious game waar gebruikers tegen elkaar spelen.

In de Gaming Gallery van het e-Learning Event toonden verschillende bedrijven hoe een game kan worden gebruikt bij het trainen en opleiden. Game lenen zich voor het ontwikkelen van competenties, maar zeer zeker ook voor het ontwikkelen van kennis of bewustzijn. En dit kan dus ook met behulp van Drillster. Gebruikers kunnen met Drillster een competitie opzetten wie het snelst bepaalde kennis duurzaam beheerst. Voor meer informatie:

  • 5/4/2012
  • 2:00:00 AM CEST
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Nieuwe iPhone versie

Nieuwe iPhone versie

In de AppStore is een nieuwe iOS versie van de Drillster app beschikbaar. Om in te loggen kan dezelfde gebruikersnaam en hetzelfde wachtwoord gebruikt worden als op de standaard browser versie van Drillster. Dit maakt het nog makkelijker om Drillster op de iPhone en de iPad te gebruiken. Ook is de app nu in meerdere talen beschikbaar.

Binnenkort komt Drillster met een speciale versie voor de iPad. Daarmee kan met de app beter worden ingespeeld op de mogelijkheden die het grotere scherm van de iPad biedt ten opzichte van de iPhone. Ook een Android versie, die zowel op Android telefoons als Android tablets gebruikt kan worden, zal ook binnenkort worden uitgebracht.

  • 3/5/2012
  • 1:00:00 AM CET
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Gooiconsult realiseert hogere trainingsresultaten met Drillster

Gooiconsult realiseert hogere trainingsresultaten met Drillster

Gooiconsult Advies en Training zet het adaptieve leer- en toetsprogramma Drillster in om binnen haar trainingen de kenniscomponenten op interactieve en duurzame wijze te ontwikkelen. De adaptieve kennisontwikkeling van Drillster sluit naadloos aan op de sportschool aanpak die Gooiconsult inzet bij competentie-ontwikkeling. De ervaringen die tot dusverre in de praktijk zijn opgedaan met deze innovatieve aanpak, laten zien dat de gezamenlijke propositie van Gooiconsult en Drillster leidt tot betere trainingsresultaten.

Gooiconsult realiseert met en voor haar klanten een duurzame cultuur van leren en presteren. Dit doet Gooiconsult volgens de aanpak van ‘Meten – Ontwikkelen – Meten’. Hierbij werkt Gooiconsult volgens het unieke sportschooltrainingsprincipe. Bij het ontwikkelen van competenties wordt gekeken naar wat iemand al goed beheerst en wat hij nog niet goed beheerst en het trainingsprogramma legt zich dan met name toe op de vaardigheden die nog verder ontwikkeld moeten worden. Deze aanpak is dus te vergelijken met een individuele aanpak in een sportschool. Het trainingsprogramma van Gooiconsult zorgt voor deze individuele aanpassing van het trainingsprogramma, voor optimale resultaten.

Drillster is een innovatief e-learning bedrijf dat een online platform ontwikkeld heeft dat haar gebruikers op slimme en efficiënte manier kennis laat ontwikkelen, vasthouden en testen. Onderzoek heeft aangetoond dat 90% van het lesmateriaal binnen een week weer vergeten wordt indien er niets met het materiaal wordt gedaan. Drillster verandert dit: het adaptieve algoritme stelt gebruikers in staat om meer te leren in minder tijd en om het geleerde langer te onthouden. Dit doet Drillster door tijdens het leren meer aandacht te besteden aan hetgeen nog niet goed beheerst wordt.

Drillster past zich bij het ontwikkelen van kennis dus ook aan aan het actuele en werkelijke kennisniveau van een medewerker. Deze aanpak sluit perfect aan bij het sportschooltrainen van Gooiconsult. Zowel voor kennis als voor competenties wordt uitgegaan van de huidige status van een kandidaat (meten) en wordt via een adaptief programma (ontwikkelen) op de meest efficiënte manier gewerkt naar het realiseren van steeds hogere trainingsdoelen (meten).

Alexander Groen, senior adviseur en trainer van Gooiconsult, is erg enthousiast over de resultaten die tot dusverre met Drillster behaald zijn: “We zien een sterke toename in competentiestijging bij management- en leiderschapstrajecten waarbij we Drillster inzetten als hulpmiddel om kennis- en vaardigheden te ontwikkelen. Door voorafgaand aan de training, deelnemers modelkennis behorende bij managementvaardigheden te laten ontwikkelen met behulp van o.a. Drillster komen deelnemers beter voorbereid naar de training. Hierdoor is er meer oefentijd beschikbaar tijdens de training, wat de effectiviteit en daarmee het resultaat van de training ten goede komt! ”.

Marco van Sterkenburg, medeoprichter van Drillster, licht toe: “voor het ontwikkelen van competenties is een goede kennis van de onderliggende theorie nodig. Alleen dan kun je de competenties bewust en optimaal ontwikkelen. Drillster zorgt voor de kennisontwikkeling en kennisretentie en doet dit volgens eenzelfde systematiek als Gooiconsult voor vaardigheidstraining. Dit maakt de samenwerking tussen Gooiconsult en Drillster zo sterk.”

  • 12/4/2011
  • 1:00:00 AM CET
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