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Learning via the web or app can be very efficient and can be a great motivational factor for students. High quality digital courses tailered to the target audience and the learning objective are important for the success of the training.

Drillster's instructional designers are experienced in creating or editing learning content. We can offer several levels of didactic support, ranging from creating new adaptive learning material or tests from scratch to editing your existing materials.

We can also help assess the didactic value of adaptive exercises and tests within an existing training program. How can learning objectives be achieved? How can learner involvement be increased?

  • Ischa Bernhard

    Ischa Bernhard

    Instructional designer

    Are you facing a learning & development challenge? Meet your objectives with drills made by Ischa.

  • Martijn Nahumury

    Martijn Nahumury

    Instructional designer

    From the start till the end, Martijn creates your drills in an efficient and creative way!

  • Saskia Klomps

    Saskia Klomps

    Instructional designer

    Creativity and expertise. Saskia develops the appropriate training for you.

  • Myra van der Linden

    Myra van der Linden

    Instructional designer

    Want to make your training adaptive? Myra creates the right drills for you.

Would you like to know how we could help organization with new or existing training courses?

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