How does Drillster work?

Drillster in 4 steps

1. Drillster presents learning material via web and app

Questions are presented to measure how well you master the learning material.

2. Direct feedback

Drillster gives immediate feedback to your answers. This boosts the learning effect.

3. Adaptive learning

Drillster uses a unique algorithm to determine the order and frequency of each question. You will learn easier and retain better.

4. Notifications

Drillster calculates when knowledge declines and can send out notifications just as you are about to forget. Your knowledge will always remain up-to-date.

Scientifically proven

Scientific research has shown that using Drillster yields 10% better results in 40% less time. Any type of knowledge can be anchored and maintained. Learning is fun again!

Easy to integrate

Drillster can be used as a standalone platform, or integrated into a learning management system, intranet or student tracking system.

App Store or Google Play

Drillster can be used on the web or with the Drillster app. Download the App Store or in Google Play.

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