Meet our team

Making smart learning possible

  • Marco van Sterkenburg

    Marco van Sterkenburg


    Team captain and co-founder. Have you already met him?

  • Thomas Goossens

    Thomas Goossens


    Invented and created our innovative way of learning. Technical lead.

  • Arnoud Schmitz

    Arnoud Schmitz

    Business Developer

    Overflowing with good ideas. You should really meet him.

  • Tom van den Berge

    Tom van den Berge

    Lead Software Engineer

    Created the intelligence behind our smart learning technology.

  • Corina van der Heijden

    Corina van der Heijden

    Learning & Development Specialist

    Uses her experience and expertise for the best use of adaptive learning in your organization.

  • Arnaud Magiera

    Arnaud Magiera

    Business Developer

    Conquers the French market, full of enthusiasm and energy. An enterprising sports enthusiast with a huge drive for customer satisfaction.

  • Rianne Poot-Winters

    Rianne Poot-Winters

    Marketing Communications Manager

    Enthusiastically applies her experience in marketing and communications to putting Drillster on the map domestically and internationally.

  • Felix Roeland

    Felix Roeland

    Business Developer

    The enthusiastic linking pin who really connects our smart learning method to educational challenges of new and existing customers and helps them learning the Drillster way!

  • Esmeralda Gutierrez

    Esmeralda Gutierrez

    Business Developer

    With Spanish passion and charm she works hard to let Spain learn more efficiently and effectively the Drillster way.

  • Christian Schulpen

    Christian Schulpen

    UX Designer

    User interaction and design. What do you think of our new design?

  • Anca Grigoraş

    Anca Grigoraş

    Software Engineer

    Creates innovative solutions for our web-based applications.

  • Noud Creemers

    Noud Creemers

    Customer Service Specialist

    Answers all your questions in a fast and professional way.

  • Tzu Ping Beemsterboer

    Tzu Ping Beemsterboer


    Our always caring and smiling queen of numbers who takes care of our administrative paperwork and makes sure that it adds up!

  • Ischa Bernhard

    Ischa Bernhard

    Instructional designer

    Are you facing a learning & development challenge? Meet your objectives with drills made by Ischa.

  • Christian Roman Rua

    Christian Roman Rua

    Software Engineer

    Christian is a real go-getter with a contagious smile. Every day he gives his best to improve and develop the back-end of our application.

  • Bram Wage

    Bram Wage

    Software Engineer

    Takes care of the back-end of our Drillster app and that while singing and baking!

  • Marloes Roovers

    Marloes Roovers

    Instructional designer

    With Southern Dutch charm and wit she makes sure that our customers Drills are completed correctly and correct educational wise.

  • Martijn Nahumury

    Martijn Nahumury

    Instructional designer

    From the start till the end, Martijn creates your drills in an efficient and creative way!

  • Dany de Vries

    Dany de Vries

    Instructional designer

    Masters every Drill content challenge with total focus and creativity so that the Drill questions are correct in every aspect.

  • Barbara van der Wiel

    Barbara van der Wiel


    Ensures that your content can be used on our smart learning platform.

  • Justin Wilkes

    Justin Wilkes

    Frontend Development Intern

    The Editor Master: at the end of his internship he has provided Drillster with a very intuitive and user friendly editor.