Drillster for Education

Students need to work hard to prepare for their tests and exams. With Drillster they can learn smart and retain more of what they learnt.

Drillster is an adaptive learning and testing program that helps to anchor and retain knowledge and awareness. A unique and proprietary algorithm drives personalized learning. People who are learning with Drillster learn more in less time and memorize longer.

Study impact:

  • More than 10% higher study results

  • At least 40% less study time

  • One smart learning app for all your study programs, themes, tests and exams

  • Notification service informs students just before important knowledge tends to decline

  • Lifelong learning

  • Increased user engagement (gamification)

  • Drillster stand-alone service, mobile apps or integrated in your learning portal.

  • International tool, available in several languages

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