Implementing the API using Mashape

Mashape is online marketplace for cloud based APIs. Drillster's API is listed at Mashape, and can be accessed through the Mashape proxy.


Instead of integrating with Drillster directly, it is also possible to target the Mashape proxy. This may be helpful if you are familiar with Mashape, and you are used to working with the automatically generated documentation and stub code on Mashape. Also, if you are targeting more than just the Drillster API, and all of the APIs you are consuming are available through Mashape, accessing our API through Mashape may make the total integration easier.

Why should I use Mashape?

If you are looking to build an app based on Drillster's technology, making use of some of the advanced features, it is no longer needed to purchase a license from Drillster. Just pay for what you need through Mashape, with very limited initial costs.

Setting up new users

It has always been possible to create new Drillster accounts through making an API call free of charge. However, the newly created users will have to have a valid email address, and set their own password on the Drillster website.

If you are looking to create an external application (web based or mobile) based on the Drillster technology, it may not be desirable to send your new users to the Drillster website to set a password.

A new API call, currently only available to Mashape users, will allow third parties to set up new user accounts, and obtain an access token to these accounts as well, allowing you to perform subsequent API calls on behalf of these new users. It is entirely up to you whether you tell your users what their identity on Drillster is, and whether to allow them to access the learning material directly on Drillster or not.

Adding users to groups

By adding your users to a group, you will automatically allow these users to practice all of the learning material (drills) associated with that group, regardless of individual account quotas. Additionally, it is possible to gain an insight into the progress of your group members, and even set learning objectives.

Mashape users are able to add users to groups from a single administrative account. In order to unlock the group functionality, this requires the administrative account to be a premium account. Only a single premium account is needed per third party.

Adding content to an account's repertoire

Newly created user accounts are basic accounts, meaning that they have a limited storage capacity. If your Drillster application requires all of your users to have access to the same content, it is probably advisable to use the group functionality. Drills distributed through group memberships do not count towards an account's storage limit.

However, if you are looking to dynamically create content for your users individually, this does count towards an account's quota. By making the appropriate API calls through Mashape, you pay a small fee per entry, without the need for any type of license or premium account.

Administering tests

In addition to Drillster's drill functionality, it is possible to administer tests as well. Tests look a bit like drills, but are just what is says on the tin: tests. That means no repetition, and a pre-set number of questions to go through, after which a test evaluation becomes available.

Group tests are free of charge, as part of the group functionality that comes with a premium account. However, it is also possible to let arbitrary people make tests using so-called anonymous tests. This means that a test ticket is requested for a predefined test that can then be used by any user (registered with Drillster or not). Mashape users pay a small fee for each anonymous test ticket.

In order to unlock the test functionality, this requires the administrative account to be a premium account. Only a single premium account is needed per third party.


All API calls are free of charge, except for the ones listed below. What is free to use with a basic user account, is free to use through the API, both directly or through Mashape.

Action Price
Create a new user and gain account access USD 0.70
Add an entry to the repertoire USD 0.01 [1]
Add a user to a group USD 0.25 [2]
Administer an anonymous test USD 1.00

Prices are subject to change.

Until further notice, all API calls made through Mashape will be free of charge!

1 The first 500 entries are not charged.

2 The first 10 group members are not charged.