2.0 Compatibility object

The compatibility indicates whether the client application calling this API endpoint is capable of serving this drill or course to the end user. If it is not capable, the client application should decide what to do with this drill, e.g. hide it from the end user.


  "compatible" : false,
  "unsupportedFeatures" : [ "IMAGE_MEDIA", "AUDIO_MEDIA" ]


Field Type Description

Whether this drill or course is compatible with the requesting client.

List of strings

The features not supported by the client. These features are required in order to make use of the drill.

Currently, the following features are possibly required:

  • AUDIO_MEDIA – Questions or answers containing audio.
  • HOT_SPOT_IMAGES – Questions or answers are hot spot questions or answers.
  • IMAGE_MEDIA – Questions or answers containing images.
  • MULTIPLE_CHOICE – The answer is selected from a list of possible answers.
  • OPEN_ENDED – The answer is manually entered by the user.
  • PDF_MEDIA – Questions or answers containing PDF documents.
  • SEQUENCE_QUESTIONS – Questions that expect more than one answer, in a specific order.
  • SET_QUESTIONS – Questions that expect one or more answers.
  • VIDEO_MEDIA – Questions or answers containing video.