PUT repertoire

PUT Adds a drill or course to the user's repertoire.

Free public drills or courses may be added to the user's repertoire only if it will not bust the storage limit for the account. Premium users or license holders do not have a storage limit.

In order to add paid drills or courses to the user's repertoire, a payment key must be included in the request.

Resource URL


The drill ID is the unique identifier for the drill or course that is to be added to the user's repertoire.


None, other than the drill_id in the URL.

If a PUT request has no body (i.e. the body is empty), it is still mandatory to include a Content-Length header (i.e. Content-Length: 0). Not all HTTP clients do this automatically. For more information, please see RFC 2616.


A message stating that the drill or course has been added to the repertoire.

Example request

PUT https://www.drillster.com/api/2/repertoire/VBs6MbY41n6fkxAPG0yElw


  "description" : "Drill added to repertoire"

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
no_input Must supply drill or course ID.
drill_already_in_repertoire Cannot add a course that is already available in the repertoire.
available_in_course_only Requested drill is only available as part of a course.
payment_required Requested drill or course requires a payment.
payment_not_required Requested drill or course does not require a payment.
limit_reached Adding to drill or course to the user's repertoire would exceed the quota.
invalid_id Given drill or course ID is invalid or not public.
incomplete_payment_details For payments both a provider and a key are required.
unsupported_payment_provider Payment provider should be DRILLSTER, APPLE or GOOGLE.