PUT mobile-push-notification-subscription

PUT Registers a mobile device to receive push notifications by establishing the link between the device ID and the Drillster user.

Resource URL


The caller must be an authenticated user.


Field Type Description
String constant

Identifies the mobile platform the request is coming from. Supported values are ANDROID and IOS.


The actual device address, represented as a string.

For iOS, this string will typically look like this: 3eb414627e78991ac5a615b4a2a95454c6ba5d18930ac137

For Android, the address has a shape like this: dW0YCx6X9lU:APA91bFsVUFZWqZbQBeOfCyhyo2iVQAHjAgXjlbfqfnMOqJlxT806uStG24eTpwiYsxpfU6Q49HPBYUX7yuvU3x1wEj2gveRatm7Kjmai9MVJkdTr6IcNo3eGzhV106K-grVXoe0Laef

If a PUT request has no body (i.e. the body is empty), it is still mandatory to include a Content-Length header (i.e. Content-Length: 0). Not all HTTP clients do this automatically. For more information, please see RFC 2616.


A NoContent (204) response indicating that the device address was successfully linked to the Drillster user account.

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Response code Description
no_platform_specified 400 (Bad request) No platform was specified.
unsupported_platform 400 (Bad request) The supplied platform is not supported.
no_token_specified 400 (Bad request) No device token (address) was specified.