PUT group/…/objective

PUT Create or update a group practice objective for a single group member.

After defining a group practice objective without a review date, a review date per group member can be configured using this endpoint.

Resource URL


The group ID is the unique identifier for the group. The objective ID is the unique identifier for the group practice objective.


Field Type Description

The user ID of the group member for whom the review date is set.

ISO 8601 Date

The review date for the practice objective. The date must be in the future.

Example value: 2015-12-10T02:00:00Z

If a PUT request has no body (i.e. the body is empty), it is still mandatory to include a Content-Length header (i.e. Content-Length: 0). Not all HTTP clients do this automatically. For more information, please see RFC 2616.


An Objective object, with only its id property set.

Example request

PUT https://www.drillster.com/api/2/group/OcPiC-pcH2MaO8pow3TlKB-0wzeHAJzM6vlL1te6wI/objective/FnZYjnYSSmufU-mRfgptyQ


{ }

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
group_not_found Could not retrieve group details.
no_group_access You are not allowed to create or update objectives for this group.
objective_missing No objective was specified
unknown_objective The specified objective is unknown
invalid_objective The specified objective does not belong to the specified group, or it does not allow review dates to be set per group member.
review_date_missing No review date was specified
invalid_review_date The specified date is not a valid ISO 8601 date, or it is in the past
user_id_missing No user ID was specified