PUT group/…/drills

PUT Adds a drillable (drill or course) to a group. This makes the drill or course available to all group members.

Resource URL


The group ID is the unique identifier of the group. The drillable ID is the unique identifier of the drill to add to the group.


None, other than the drillable_id and group_id in the URL.

If a PUT request has no body (i.e. the body is empty), it is still mandatory to include a Content-Length header (i.e. Content-Length: 0). Not all HTTP clients do this automatically. For more information, please see RFC 2616.


A message stating that the drill has been added to the group.

Example request

PUT https://www.drillster.com/api/2/group/nYrK9udUc-UGvRS2kxaPtaB-0wzeHAJzM6vlL1te6wI/drills/VBs6MbY41n6fkxAPG0yElw


  "description" : "The drill has been added to the group."

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
group_not_found Could not retrieve group details.
drill_code_missing No drill specified.
no_access You are not allowed to remove drills from this group.
drill_already_in_group Drill {drill_id} is already part of group {group_id}.
drill_not_released The drill must first be released by the author using the drill editor.