GET store

GET Search the Drill Store for available drills and courses.

The following features are supported:

  • Searching for specific words
  • Searching specific fields (e.g. name, or subject)
  • Searching in a catalog
  • Pagination of the result

Catalog searches

A catalog is a collection of drills that are only accessible to specific users, e.g. corporate users. The owner of the catalog manages the access to it. Drill Store searches can be limited to a specific catalog, by providing the catalog's ID in the catalog parameter. Search fields DESCRIPTION and CONTENTS are not supported for catalog searches. Also, it is not required to provide a query for catalog searches; a paginated list of the catalog's contents will be returned (sorted by name).

Resource URL


Field Type Description
required, optional for catalog searches

The text to search for. It can be a single word, or multiple words (separated with a space). The search is case-insensitive. If multiple words are specified, the default search behavior is to search for any of the words. The AND operator can be used to search for all words, e.g. "milk AND butter". Note that the AND operator must be in capitals

Example values: chinese mandarin, chinese AND mandarin

optional, repeatable

Specifies which fields will be searched. Can be included multiple times to specify multiple search fields. If not specified, all available fields will be searched. Possible values are:

  • NAME
  • TAGS


The ID of a catalog to search. Only drills and courses from this catalog will be returned. The user must have access to the catalog.


The index number (zero-based) of the first drill (or course) to include in the result. Use this parameter, in combination with resultSize, to apply pagination of the result; it will limit the number of drills included in the result. Defaults to 0.


The maximum number of drills (or courses) to include in the result. If not specified, the results for all (remaining) drills are returned.


A 2.0 Drillables, containing the total number of drills that were found (total), regardless of the optionally specified resultStart and resultSize, and a list of 2.0 Drillable objects (drills).

Example request



  "total" : 2,
  "drills" : [ {
    "id" : "Ij9-TPxebLc_7VS-hIuUbg",
    "name" : "Famous movie quotes",
    "subject" : "Movie",
    "type" : "DRILL",
    "description" : "Learn the most famous English movie quotes.",
    "practice" : {
      "proficiency" : {
        "receptive" : 50,
        "productive" : 49,
        "overall" : 49
      "highestProficiency" : {
        "receptive" : 100,
        "productive" : 100,
        "overall" : 100
      "expectedDuration" : 2382
  }, {
    "id" : "lflbZznd-egAPF7aO4o-gA",
    "name" : "IATA Airport Codes (2)",
    "subject" : "Aviation Training Course",
    "type" : "DRILL",
    "description" : "IATA Airport City codes of worlds busiest airports by international passenger traffic."
  } ]

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
query_missing No search query specified.
error An undefined error has occurred.