GET group/…/drills

GET Retrieves all drills of a specific group. These can be regular drills, and courses. A course is a collection of (regular) drills.

Resource URL{group_id}/drills

The group ID is the unique identifier of the group.


None, other than the group ID in the URL.


A group object, populated with its drill contents. The drill contents elements can be drills or courses, which is indicated by the type property. Per drill contents element, the drill ID and name is listed. Courses also contain a list of drills.

Example request



  "id" : "nYrK9udUc-UGvRS2kxaPtaB-0wzeHAJzM6vlL1te6wI",
  "name" : "European geography",
  "description" : "Learn the countries and capitals of Europe",
  "drills" : [ {
    "type" : "drill",
    "id" : "86KQcmCWSzCsgjRr2lkO9Q",
    "name" : "East European countries"
  }, {
    "type" : "course",
    "id" : "aisay8ZAS-22lDlB3k-64w",
    "name" : "North European countries",
    "drills" : [ {
    "type" : "drill",
      "id" : "QnOsNpGQTQSUVyXWdUjgqA",
      "name" : "Scandinavian countries"
    }, {
      "type" : "drill",
      "id" : "wL5Sj3hfQhmb3G1nzo0wYw",
      "name" : "Baltic countries"
    } ]
  }, {
    "type" : "drill",
    "id" : "bcW3mGSRSECKtdBQsiieeg",
    "name" : "South European countries"
  } ]

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
group_not_found Could not retrieve group details.
drill_code_missing No drill specified.
no_group_access You are not allowed to access this group.