DELETE user/…/email-address

DELETE Removes an email address from a user account.

Resource URL{user_id}/email-address/{email}


Field Description

The user ID of the user to retrieve details for. To retrieve the details of the own user account, the value self may be used as well.

Example value: 7OuHq-RcQO_snGWR58TnBw


The email address to be removed. The email address must be linked to the given user account.

Example value:


An HTTP 204 (No content) response indicating that the email address was deleted from the user account.

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Response code Description
not_authenticated 401 (Unauthorized) Caller is not authenticated
no_access 403 (Forbidden) Caller has no access to the account
missing_input 400 (Bad request) An email address is required
cannot_remove_primary_email 400 (Bad request) The primary email address cannot be removed from the account. In order to remove it, another linked email address needs to be made primary first.
not_owner 400 (Bad request) The given email address is not linked to this account
invalid_email_address 400 (Bad request) The given email address is not valid