DELETE group/…/staff

DELETE Revokes group staff permissions.

Resource URL{group_id}/staff/{user_id}/{permission}

The group ID is the unique identifier of the group.


None, other than the group_id, user_id and permission values in the URL. Valid permissions are MANAGE and VIEW.


A 2.0 GroupStaff object detailing the remaining individual staff permissions for the group.

Example request


This is a request to remove MANAGE permission for user m3XfGV1LQhu729lfVYa_sQ for group pX3rn8LnXn5QM3mzwmSXDnDYeDpsnIqsHoXEKN2N3_B. Note that it is not permitted to remove the calling user's own group permissions.


  "group" : "pX3rn8LnXn5QM3mzwmSXDnDYeDpsnIqsHoXEKN2N3_B",
  "count" : 0,
  "groupStaffUsers" : [ ]

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
not_permitted User is not entitled to view details for the group, or other access problem.
unknown_group Requested group is not known.
user_missing No staff user specified.
unknown_user Given staff user is not known.
not_available The user does not have the requested permission.