DELETE group/…/members

DELETE Removes a member from a group.

This may also pertain to someone who is invited to the group, and has not responded to the invitation yet. In that situation, the group invitation is cancelled.

Resource URL{group_id}/members/{user_id}



None, other than the group_id and user_id or email address in the URL.

The group ID is the unique identifier of the group.

To identify the user to remove from the group, the user ID can be specified, or the email address. If you want to remove an invited user, you can specify the user ID if it is an existing Drillster user, or his or her email address.


A message stating that the user is successfully removed from the group, or in case of an invited user, that the user's invitation has been cancelled.

Example request



  "description" : "The user has been removed from the group."

Error responses

The following error situations are possible:

ID Description
group_not_found Could not retrieve group details.
no_group_access You are not allowed to remove members from this group.
no_user_specified No user was specified in the request.
not_group_member The referenced user is not a member of the group.