Our cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, stored on your computer, that are used to track your preferences while surfing the web.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are used for different purposes. First of all they are helpful in storing your user names, passwords, the contents of your shopping cart and preferences such as language settings. Websites also use cookies to track how many visitors visit a site or to determine what parts of a site are popular. There are also cookies that track which sites you visit so as to assess your personal interests. This information is used by advertisers and site owners to show relevant advertising content to you. These cookies will also prevent the same ads being shown to you repeatedly.

Drillster and cookies

The cookies used by Drillster may be categorized as follows:

  • Functional purposes: these are cookies required to allow the service to function optimally, such as cookies used for remembering the user's preferences and identity.
  • Analytical purposes: cookies used to track how many visitors the various parts of the site receive.
  • Commercial purposes: Drillster shows advertisements to non-paying users. The advertising networks utilize cookies to track the user's web surfing habits so as to make the advertising content as relevant as possible and to avoid unnecessary repeats of the same ads.

What happens if I switch off cookies?

Advertising makes it possible for you to use this web application free of charge. And thanks to cookies the ads that are shown to you are more relevant to you. If you switch off cookies, you will still be served with ads, but these ads will likely not match your interests.

If you switch off the cookies that track your preferences, you will asked to type in your email address and password every visit.


It is possible to switch on or off the cookies used by advertisers and site owners that track your interests by going to, under “FAQs”. You can indicate which companies are and are not allowed to track your surfing behavior.

The cookies that track your application access and preferences can be switched off in your browser settings. Please refer to the documentation of your web browser.

Privacy policy and the new law

As of 5 June 2012 a new Dutch “cookie law” came into force. Since Drillster is operated from the Netherlands, this new law applies. Because of the accelerated introduction of this law, and its complexity, we have not yet found a way to completely comply. Meanwhile we continue to enforce a strict privacy policy. Your personal information is dealt with and secured with utmost care.