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Anyone can create a free account at Drillster. Put those textbooks aside! With Drillster you will learn faster, remember more and be able to test your knowledge more easily. Wherever, whenever, and as often as you like. On your PC, smart phone or internet tablet.

Memorizing can be fun. With Drillster. Students, professionals, young and old… Everyone is tasked with learning something by heart from time to time. Create your own drill, use someone else’s or those from your company or school, and practice wherever, whenever and as often as is convenient. You’ll find that you’ll memorize quicker, better and easier. Test your proficiency whenever you feel like it. Knowledge not up to par? A quick brush up with Drillster gets you up to speed. Bring on those exams!

Here’s how Drillster works

Drillster is an online application that helps you memorize, repeat and test learning material organized as drills. Drillster is based on clever software that is built to allow you to absorb knowledge quicker compared to traditional methods. Additionally Drillster ensures a deeper memorization with better retention. The advanced test and practice functionalities allow you to check your proficiency at any time. You’ll arrive well prepared for any test or exam.

Drillster is easy to use: sign up for a free account and get started right away with ready made drills on a variety of subjects. Or better yet: create your own drills. Use Drillster on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, iPhone or iPad. Wherever and whenever you like.

What’s a Drill?

A Drill is contained unit of learning material that is presented in a way that allows you to absorb the information in a fun and lasting way. It is practicing and testing in one. You decide how long and how often you practice.

You can create your own drills, or use drills made by others. Or use the drills made specially for you by your institute or company. Drills may contain text, images, audio or video. This makes them suitable for almost any kind of learning material, ranging from foreign languages to perfect pitch training.

Drillster Community

Drillster makes memorization fun. Got something you need to know by heart? Create your own drill and send it to your friends. And conversely, make use of your friend’s drills. Together you’ll learn more.

The Drill Store

It is possible to sell your own drills in our Drill Store. Other users can purchase the content that you have developed, which will generate income for you.

Please contact us at info@drillster.com if you are interested in selling your drills via the Drill Store.