Drillster for Business

Is staff knowledgeability important to your organization? Should employees be certified or remain compliant with industry standards? How to best organize permanent education for my organization?

Drillster provides an innovative answer to all of these questions. What can Drillster bring to businesses and educational institutes?

  • Higher ROI on training expenditure
    • Knowledge is retained longer, guaranteed.
  • Higher success rates for certification
    • Scientific research has shown that 10% higher results can be achieved in 40% less study time.
  • Continuing education
    • Drillster sends out a notification just as the individual proficiency of a staff member is about to decline. This keeps knowledge and awareness up-to-date. Real time reporting provides insight into the true PE status of staff members, departments or branch offices.
  • Knowledge management
    • Real-time reporting of the actual levels of knowledge of employees, departments, businesses or countries.
  • Gamification
    • Introduces an element of fun into learning.
  • Cost reduction
    • Expensive training can be replaced or shortened.
  • Drillster web and app
    • It is also possible to integrate Drillster into a digital learning platform or intranet.
  • International tool
    • Drillster is available in 7 languages.

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