Drillster for Business

Traditional training programs have an ad hoc character. What do people still remember 3, 6 or 12 months after they finished a training program?

Drillster is an adaptive learning and testing program that helps to anchor and retain knowledge and awareness. A unique and proprietary algorithm drives personalized learning. People who are learning with Drillster learn more in less time and memorize longer.

Business impact:

  • Higher ROI on training expenditure

  • At least 40% shorter study time

  • Cost savings on classroom trainings and traditional e-learning modules

  • One service for all your training programs, themes, tests and exams

  • Notification service informs users just before they tend to forget

  • Location-based learning (using iBeacons)

  • Permanent education

  • Increased user engagement (gamification)

  • Drillster stand-alone service, mobile apps or integrated in your learning portal

  • International tool, available in several languages

What will our impact be on your business?

Please contact us to explore the Drillster impact on your business.