What is Drillster?

Drillster is an interactive learning and test application.

Drillster uses an adaptive (self-learning) algorithm and is based on the scientific research of Leitner. Drillster remembers what an individual user has already memorized, what correct and incorrect answers have been given and when a user has last practised certain learning material. This information determines the order and frequency in which items are practised and repeated. The result is that users learn more in less time and remember the learning material for a much longer period of time.

Drillster enables users to easily learn and test any kind of new or renewed learning material. Drillster ensures that the users are trained in the most effective way and that they retain their knowledge much longer compared to traditional learning methods.

Drillster has been developed to learn, practise, repeat and test in a smart way. Where and whenever the user wants: in the office, at home, while traveling, using the computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Learn more in less time.

Drillster can be used for compliance training, certification training, language courses, training on products and services, induction courses, training on processes, procedures, laws or programs. It can basically be used for any type of training for which accurate and top-of-mind knowledge is important.

Drillster determines for each individual user the optimal order and frequency in which learning material has to be learned and repeated. The software can calculate someone’s position on the learning curve (the curve of retention and forgetting) for a set of learning material. Scientific research has shown that when learning material is no longer used, people will forget up to 80% of the leant material within a week. Drillster changes this. It retains the proficiency by frequently repeating the material (spaced repetition). The adaptive Drillster algorithm determines when and how often material needs to be repeated in order to develop sustainable proficiency. Knowledge remains accurate and top-of-mind.

Drillster ensures that knowledge is not only developed prior to a test or an examination, but that it is also retained throughout the year at a predefined minimum proficiency level. This makes Drillster a unique program to develop permanent knowledge that is needed to correctly perform a job or to successfully complete a training or study.

learning curve

Need to know more?

Drillster in short:

  • Manage deadlines: Drillster sends out email reminders to your staff or students to ensure pre-set deadlines are met.

  • Permanent minimum proficiency levels: if knowledge is not actively maintained, it will decline (learning curve). If this happens, Drillster will send an e-mail or text message reminder to invite the user to update his or her proficiency;

  • Reporting: real-time and online information on current and historic proficiency levels per employee or student, group, department, office, country, etc.;

  • Learning is fun again! Drillster is adaptive and links the learning program to the real proficiency level of the user. Drillster is like a game and motivates as it immediately shows the progress while learning;

  • Cost savings: training is location and time independent. Also face-to-face training can be done in less time and be more efficient if the theoretical parts of the training have already been learned with Drillster;

  • Better training results: Drillster is based on scientific research (the Leitner System) and optimises knowledge development and knowledge retention on an individual level;

  • Quick and easy implementation: Drillster is software-as-a-service and can be used on any computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. You can use your own content in Drillster which enables you to start using it immediately;

  • User friendly online application: users can start using Drillster immediately without prior training requirements, where they want and when they want;

  • Content Management: if learning material changes, the Drillster algorithm will alter the scores of individual users. This leads to an e-mail that is sent to all users inviting them to update their proficiency. Drillster is the easiest way to ensure that users always have up-to-date knowledge. Changes in content can easily be managed;

  • No high investments: Drillster can be used on any existing online device. Drillster can also be integrated with your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or Electronic Learning Environment (ELO) and can thus be integrated in your existing learning programs without major investments;

  • Optional didactic support: if required, Drillster can provide didactic specialists who can support in creating Drills or in transferring your existing content into a new format. This guarantees the educational effectiveness of Drillster;

  • Additional revenues: the Drill Store enables you to sell content to other users, companies, schools and universities and to generate additional revenues.

See also: more information about the Drillster for Business Licence and more information about the Drillster for Education License.

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