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A smart learning system to increase and maintain knowledge.

Drillster is an adaptive, assessment based learning tool. You get immediate feedback while you are studying. This results in 10% higher study results in 40% less time. Drillster keeps your knowledge up-to-date and repeats learning material just before you tend to forget.

How does Drillster work?

Learning on your computer, smartphone or tablet

Personalized learning at your office, school, home or on the road. Use training courses from your company or school. Download ready-to-use courses from the Drill Store or create your own drills.

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For any course or training

  • Create

    Create your own drills

    For self-tuition or use in a course or training.

  • Media


    Interactive exercises, also with sound and video.

  • tests


    Measure current knowledge levels or take exams.

  • Monitor


    Monitor the progress of an individual or group.

  • Drill Store

    Drill Store

    Download existing drills. Share or sell your courses.

Drillster for Business

Drillster anchors and maintains knowledge in an innovative way. Employees permanently have the correct and up-to-date knowledge.

Personalized learning increases the ROI on any training program.

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Drillster for Education

Personalized learning results in maximized study results. Students are well prepared for their tests or exams. Scientific research provided evidence: 10% higher test results in 40% less study time.

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Drillster is being used world wide by high school and college students, and professionals for building up and maintaining knowledge levels.


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