Drillster for Education

Drillster is an innovative e-learning program that enables students to learn, memorize, retain and test any kind of learning material in a smart and efficient way. On the PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet (like the iPad). The adaptive Drillster algorithm will enable students to learn more in less time and to memorize the learned material for a longer period of time. Drillster has been based on scientific research (the Leitner system).

Developing the right knowledge is important for any training course or study program. Both students, their parents and the school management set high standards when it comes to the results of a training. How do you ensure that the learning material is memorized in an efficient way? And how do you measure the real proficiency per individual student?

Scientific research has shown that people forget up to 80% of the learning material if they do no longer actively work with the material they learned. So how can knowledge be retained if this knowledge is important to successfully finish a training course? And how can students remain motivated when they need to learn a lot for their study program?

Drillster is the right solution. Students that use Drillster learn more in less time and will remember the learned material for a longer period of time. As an educational institution you can easily distribute and monitor learning material, set learning objectives, manage results and ensure that knowledge is properly anchored.

What Drillster can offer

The Drillster Education License will add value:

  • Students will learn more in less time;

  • The learned material will be memorized for a much longer period of time;

  • Maximum return on investment on any kind of training course: the adaptive algorithm will determine the optimal order and frequency in which material is shown and repeated;

  • Easy to create and share material, called Drills;

  • Teachers can easily review Drills made by others and “lock” the reviewed content before sharing it with other students. Together we learn more;

  • Material from publishers and content databases can be downloaded free of charge or can be purchased via the Drill Store;

  • Top-of-mind knowledge: if proficiency declines, Drillster will send a reminder to the user inviting him to update his or her knowledge. Drillster facilitates permanent education;

  • If learning material changes Drillster will automatically inform the students and invite them to update their knowledge and learn the new or changed material;

  • Online reporting and statistics;

  • Students can learn where they want and when they want using their PC, laptop, smart phone or Tablet (iPad);

  • An innovative, adaptive and interactive way of learning, based on scientific research (Leitner System);

  • Cost savings: students will learn more in less time and remember the learned material for a longer period of time;

  • Learning is fun again! Users experience Drillster as a game. Drillster motivates.

Drillster is suited for any type of training course where knowledge needs to be developed. Drillster supports both text, images, video and sound (including text-to-speech).

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