Drillster for Business

Drillster is the adaptive online application that allows your employees to develop, maintain and test knowledge in any area.

Drillster determines the optimal order and frequency of the learning items for each individual user and ensures that people learn more in less time and memorize much longer. Elements of the training that the student has not yet mastered are repeated more often than elements that have already been committed to long-term memory.

Scientific research has shown that this innovative way of learning results in 30% to 40% time savings compared to traditional training methods. Additionally, the knowledge acquired through Drillster is memorized much longer.

Permanent education

If knowledge is not maintained, it will quickly decline. Drillster changes this. Just before knowledge tends to decline, Drillster sends the employee a notification so that he or she can brush up on the subject matter. Studying in short but regular intervals has proven to be most effective for anchoring knowledge. It is also more motivating for students than studying for hours without interruption.

A test or exam only provides a snapshot of the proficiency. What will people still have memorized after a week, a month or a year?

Drillster provides continuous reporting on the real proficiency of employees, even if an employee has not actively worked with the learning material for a longer period of time. The innovative and adaptive algorithm can calculate a user’s position on the learning curve. Based on the learning history, Drillster calculates an individual user’s current and future position on the learning curve.

If knowledge falls below a preset minimum proficiency level, Drillster will send the user a notification and take him back to the learning material. The user can easily brush up on his knowledge. This is an efficient, motivating and secure way to anchor permanent education.

Retention curve

e-Learning and mobile learning

Drillster supports time and place independent learning. The training material, being your own training material or material developed by Drillster, can be accessed via any PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. The Drillster iOS and Android Apps can be downloaded free of charge in the AppStore and in Google Play.

Training on the iPad

Drillster is new learning and ensures that knowledge is developed in an innovative, cost efficient and rewarding way for your students or employees. Would you like to know what benefits Drillster can offer your company? Please take a look at the business benefits or contact us at info@drillster.com or call +31 30 755 5330.

Last updated: 2013-05-03